My Baby’s Daddy Novel Anastasia chapter 1659

Chapter 1659 Talks

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Julian held her hand and asked everyone, “So, what do you think about her?”

Everyone’s eyes were on their joined hands, and they felt like laughing. Sir, you’re holding her hand. How do you expect us to comment? If we say anything bad, we’d be getting on your wrong side.

“Jessie fits the description for the lead I have in my mind. Her looks and personality are a perfect fit,” Vincent commented.

It was a true comment. Everyone else heaved a sigh of relief. Julian does have an eye for talent.

Jessie was prettier in real life, and she felt a lot more innocent than most people they met. The look in her eyes was as clear as water.

Jessie blushed a little. She had no idea what to do, and she didn’t even hear what they said. However, she did feel courage brimming within her, and she was certain that it came from Julian. “Mr. Cooper, I’d like to have a go. I’ll try my best to play the role well,” she pleaded.

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I should let you play the role at first, but now that I’ve seen you, I know you’re perfect for the job. You’ll do,” Vincent agreed readily.

Everyone agreed as well. “Don’t worry, Jessie. You’re alright.”

She could feel everyone’s friendliness, but she knew this was only possible thanks to Julian.

While they were having dinner, Vincent started talking about the concept of the drama, and Jessie finally found out what the storyline was. It talked about the story of a female disciple without any spirituality trying to save her master, who had deviated from the path. Great battles would ensue from the path this disciple had chosen. It was a story of love, and the visual effects would be stunning. It would also be shown on the silver screen, giving the audience the greatest satisfaction.

“Just a question, Jessie. If we have to film any intimate scenes, how far can you go?” Vincent suddenly joked.

She froze for a few moments. “Um…”

Julian shot Vincent a look. “This is her first film.”

“You’d be okay with a kissing scene with Julian, wouldn’t you?” Vincent joked further.

She stared at the table with a face that was as red as an apple. And then, she nodded adorably. “Yes.”

Everyone burst into laughter and looked at Julian. To their surprise, they saw him looking at Jessie, his eyes filled with smug delight.

“Alright, stop teasing her,” Julian said.

With that, everyone stopped with their jokes, including the big shots. Though, they had gotten one thing clear: Jessie was important to Julian. Now, they would never underestimate her. They were sure she would make a name for herself in the industry.

After dinner, Vincent gave Jessie the script so she could figure out how the character would think, act, and move. The preparations were already nearing their end, and shooting would start anytime soon. They also would be releasing some news to the public.

“Jessie, let’s take a group photo,” Vincent said.

She sat on the sofa, and everyone in the room got in front of the camera. It was everyone but Julian, who sat this one out.

“You should stay out, Julian. You showing up might cause an uproar,” Vincent remarked teasingly.

No matter what the scandal was, every single one that included Julian would only end one way: Julian would be fine, but the female celebrity would be relentlessly attacked by his fans.

After taking a photo with the group, Julian took Jessie home. She was a lot more at ease on the way back. The crew’s recognition was important to her. A newbie like her needed recognition the most.

“Would you really take it even if there’s a kissing scene?” Julian suddenly asked.


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