Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2906 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2906 By verygoodnovel-“Are you married? If you don’t want a child, you have to ask the child’s father to sign.” The doctor reminded.

How could Joanna go to Hayden to sign?

She never saw Hayden at all.

“Can I sign it myself?” Joanna asked, “Doctor, I’m not married yet. I don’t have a boyfriend either.”

“Then you are really careless! You can ask your family members to sign. If you have surgery, you can’t do it today. You have to make an appointment.” The doctor continued, “Why don’t you go back and think about it.”

“Does the family have to sign? My family is not here.” Joanna didn’t want to tell the family about this.

If she told her family, her parents would definitely be very upset.

The doctor glanced at Joanna: “Then you ask the child’s father to sign. If no one signs, who will bear the responsibility if there is an accident during the operation?”

Joanna knew that what the doctor said was in accordance with the hospital procedures, so she didn’t argue with the doctor any more.

Joanna: “Then I’ll go back and think about it.”

The doctor: “Well, you are not very old now, so you can think about it again. Otherwise, after three months, as long as there is no problem with the embryo, it is not recommended to have an abortion.”

Joanna: “OK.”

Joanna came out of the hospital with the test sheet. With the scorching sun in the sky, she felt dizzy.

She never imagined that she would be pregnant and become a mother.

After all, she didn’t even have a boyfriend, so how could she think about her life after having children?

She walked to the bus stop near the hospital, and the bench next to it was empty.

She sat down in the chair, tears rolling down her face uncontrollably.

If she had money, she shouldn’t have decided to abort the child without hesitation.

After all, it was also a small life.

If she had money, she didn’t have to care about whether she could find another half in the future.

She could live with her children.

The problem was, she had no money.

Although she could get a bonus immediately, the money had to be repaid. After she got pregnant, she couldn’t work hard, and when she gave birth to her child, the family’s debts would definitely not be paid off.

She wouldn’t be able to work at that point, the debt wouldn’t be paid off, and she’d need to spend money on raising her child.

No matter how she thought about it, it was a dead end.

This child couldn’t have it!

If not, the child would suffer alongside her after birth.


Joanna dialed Juliette’s number.

Juliette quickly answered the phone: “Joanna, are you looking for me?”

Joanna took a breath: “Juliette, have you reconciled with your parents?”

“I don’t know if it counts as a reconciliation. I gave them a soft look according to what you said, and they gave me a step down. I asked them to pick another blind date for me, and they agreed. Anyway, The difficulty is over for the time being, but I just don’t know what kind of blind date they will find for me next.” Juliette sighed, “Are you free today? I can treat you to dinner.”

“Juliette, I want to ask you for a favor.” Joanna planned to ask Juliette to sign the operation sheet for herself.


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