Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2922 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2922 By verygoodnovel-Hayden put down his water glass, wanting to see the child.

Layla sent maid to fetch the child out.

The child was sleeping, soundly asleep.

Children of this age are either feeding or sleeping.

After the maid came out with the child in her arms, he walked up to Hayden.

“Hayden, don’t be angry with your father. This child is still young, and his facial features haven’t even developed yet. Now we can’t tell who he looks like!” The maid was very afraid that after seeing the child, Hayden would say that the child looked like Elliot.

Because the maid took care of the child for a day, and found that the child really looked like Elliot.

It’s just that the maid never dared to say it.

Hayden glanced at the child.

The first impression was that it was so small.

The second feeling was that it was ugly.

The child’s facial features might not have fully formed, or the child might simply be ugly.

Seeing the disgusted expression on Hayden’s face, Layla explained for the child: “His eyes are very big. Now he is asleep and has not opened them.”

“What? You like him a lot?” Hayden teased.

Layla: “I like what he does. I don’t know whose child it is. It was sent to our house like this, and my father was also big-hearted, so he just picked it up. What if the child has an infectious disease or has explosives on him? ”

Hayden felt that what his sister said made sense.

Avery: “Layla, you’re overthinking. This child looks healthy at first glance.”

Layla: “I don’t know how to read faces. What if the child has hidden explosives in the blanket?”

Avery: “It is indeed possible, but the possibility is very small. Because our country has strict regulations on explosives.”

Layla: “There are geniuses on TV who can make their own explosives.”

“Yes. So I’d say it’s highly unlikely.”

Hayden listened to the two of them talking about this issue, but he couldn’t get in the way, and didn’t want to get in at all.

“I’d better go eat!” Hayden got up from the sofa.

It appeared from Mom’s behavior toward Dad that Mom already thought Dad was innocent. So now they’re waiting for the results to come out.

“Brother, why don’t you come back to play for a few more days!” Layla followed Hayden to the dining room, “The last time you came back was during summer vacation.”

“Isn’t the New Year coming soon? I’m working hard now, and it’s the same to take more vacations during the New Year.” Hayden had his own work arrangements.

“Why do you arrange your work so full? When you come back this time, let me introduce you to a girlfriend!” Layla had been helping her brother to pay attention to the suitable ones ever since she expressed her desire to find a girlfriend.

Hayden: “Layla, if you are too free, you can arrange more work for yourself.”

“Look at you, but you declined again. Didn’t you want to find a girlfriend before? I just asked around casually, and found that everyone really wants to be my sister-in-law!” Layla said with a smile, ” I see you still don’t believe it? If the appraisal result is all right, then I’ll arrange for you two to meet. This girl is really nice. She’s two years younger than me…”

“Stop.” Hayden didn’t come back for a blind date, so he didn’t want to go on a blind date, “I don’t want to find a girlfriend anymore. So don’t go around helping me find a blind date.”

Layla: “Brother, have you been hit? Why don’t you want to look for it anymore?”

Avery also came over and sat down in the chair next to Hayden, wanting to hear his thoughts.


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