Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2924 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2924 By verygoodnovel-Elliot heard the voices of Avery and Layla clearly.

He didn’t know if it’s because he slept well last night, but a thought flashed through his mind!

“Since you said that the child looks a bit like me, is it possible that this child really belongs to our family?” Elliot strode to the dining room.

After Elliot said these words, Avery’s eyes suddenly became murderous!

“Dad! What the h-e-l-l are you doing!” Layla’s little heart was beating violently.

“Don’t get excited! Although I can’t tell that the child looks like me, but you two think that he does have a bit of similarity. Others will not send a child to our family for no reason, so… .This child may really belong to our family! But,” Elliot said here, the subject changed, “but it’s not mine.”

Avery, Layla, Hayden: “…”

“Hayden is like me, and Robert is like me… Is it possible that the child belongs to both of them?!” Elliot silently praised him for his change of thinking.

Whether he had done anything wrong or not, he was very clear about it. There was no way the child was his.

Therefore, if this child did not belong to their family, it could only be the good deeds of his two sons!

Hayden was speechless.

Avery and Layla: “!!!”

Hayden lost his appetite in an instant. He hadn’t found a girlfriend yet, how could he have a child?

He had only lived once in his life so far. It was the night of Layla’s wedding, at the hotel.

It’s impossible to get a woman pregnant at once, right?!

“Wife, do you think I’m right?” The more Elliot thought about it, the more excited he became, and he desperately hoped that Avery would stand by his side.

In addition to wanting Avery to stand in line, he also wanted to prove whether his statement was possible.

Anyway, he thought the possibility was quite high.

After thinking briefly, Avery nodded.

Although this matter sounded ridiculous, but! It was very possible!

Avery always treated her two sons as children, but in fact, the two sons had already grown up!

The two of them were very good at home, but she had no idea whether they had messed with women in private.

“It must be Robert!” After digesting her father’s words, Layla made a judgment, “Robert is a b@stard! He even made a child outside! I’ll call him back now and ask him for clarification!”

Avery: “…”

Avery wanted to stop Layla, but she didn’t.

Because if Elliot’s guess was true, then Robert might really be causing the trouble.

After all, Hayden had always been an insulator of the opposite s-e-x, and there were no women around him.

But Robert was different.

Robert had played well with girls since kindergarten.

He now had many close friends who identified as the opposite s-e-x.

Robert took the initiative to tell his family these things.

Avery had no issues with Robert making friends with people of the opposite s-e-x or with him falling in love. Since Robert was older than eighteen, falling in love now was not regarded as young love.

It’s kind of outrageous just to have kids out.

After all, Robert hadn’t graduated yet.

Layla took the mobile phone, went to the side and dialed Robert’s number.

Seeing that his wife and daughter agreed with what he said, Elliot’s pressure finally eased.


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