Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2928 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2928 By verygoodnovel-“This… the employees in our guest room department are actually quite ordinary in appearance. There is no particularly ugly one, nor is there any particularly beautiful one.” The manager was a little worried, “Mr. Tate, the details of the employees who left the company before Deleted. Because our staff turnover is relatively frequent…how about I ask in the group to see if anyone remembers who entered your room that night!”

“Ask now.” Hayden’s tone was calm and firm.

This made the manager more certain that something big happened.

Hayden’s company was headquartered in Bridgedale, but now he came here specifically to ask about what happened ten months ago.

It must have been ten months ago that the employee provoked Hayden.

After the manager posted the question in the small group of the room department, he mobilized all the members.

“Mr. Tate, I’ve already asked in the group.” The manager showed Hayden on the phone screen.

After a glance, Hayden asked, “Is it possible that we can’t check the surveillance records from ten months ago?”

“I can’t check it. Our monitoring can only be kept for fifteen days at most.” The manager replied, “Even the bank can only keep it for three months at most. I haven’t heard of it being able to keep it for as long as ten months.”

Hayden: “Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean you haven’t.”

“Okay! Our hotel really can’t be kept for that long. Mr. Tate, why did you find an ordinary employee who doesn’t know his name and looks? Did she offend you at the beginning?”

Hayden: “Not sure.”

It would be best if the child in the family wasn’t his, and if the child was his, then the mother would be the waitress!

When he thought of his child’s mother as a waitress, his mind burst into pain.

This was just ridiculous!

He wasn’t sure how the family would respond if he told them.

in the evening.

Hayden hadn’t found the whereabouts of the waitress back then.

The woman seemed to disappear out of thin air.

He had seen the pictures of all the night shift workers on the night of Layla’s wedding.

He was sure that the woman he was looking for was not there.

So the manager found all the photos of the employees who worked the day shift that day and showed them to Hayden.

Strangely, Hayden was also dissatisfied when he saw the photos of the day shift employees.

The woman he was looking for did not know who it was.

The cell phone rang suddenly.

Hayden took out his mobile phone, saw his mother’s call, and immediately answered it.

“Hayden, where are you now?” Avery asked, “Come back as soon as possible! The paternity test results of your father and that child are out.”

Hayden raised his throat: “What is the result?”

Avery: “The results show that your father and that child are intergenerational relatives. That is to say, your father is the grandfather of that child.”

Avery was shocked when she got the result. She never expected that she would become a grandma in a daze.

After all, Robert was still young and hadn’t found a girlfriend yet. Although Hayden was not young, Hayden had always shown an attitude of not being interested in the opposite s-e-x, so she suspected that Elliot had never doubted his two sons.

“Hayden, why don’t you talk? Your father has called the staff of the paternity testing agency to come to the door. He wants you and Robert to have a test with that child to see which of you is the child’s biological father.” Taking a breath, Avery contined, “That child may not belong to your brother. Your brother said that he has never had an intimate relationship with a woman. Hayden, can you tell your mother what’s going on?”


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