Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2930 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2930 By verygoodnovel-“I’m also a victim, okay?” Avery sat down beside him, touched her little grandson’s little hand, “It was your family who forced me to do the test tube.”

Elliot: “Okay! It’s not easy for you, my wife.”

“Let’s not talk about this. It’s all over.” Avery changed the subject, “I have to hire a nanny to take care of the children.”

“Can’t we take it ourselves?” Elliot felt that there were maids at home, and the maids were good at taking care of them, and the two of them could help out at ordinary times, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.

“It’s very tiring to take care of the baby at night. We are not young anymore. If we stay up late to take care of the baby, we will definitely not be energetic during the day.” Avery knew that Elliot was now passionate, so he didn’t know how tiring it was to take care of the baby at night, “Find a nanny who is a little younger.”

Elliot nodded: “Listen to you. You can try to sleep with your grandson tonight.”

Avery: “Okay! If you want to try, then try.”

About an hour later, Hayden returned home.

The whole family was in the living room and every one of them looked happy.

That child became the absolute protagonist, and everyone surrounded the child.

Hayden entered the living room and changed his shoes.

“Brother, you’re back!” Layla saw her brother, and immediately trotted up to him, “Brother, where have you been? You lied to me that you’d be back soon, it’s getting dark now.”

Hayden: “Aren’t you going home?”

Layla: “This is my home! I’ll be staying here for a few days. After the paternity test results come out, I’ll go back to Eric’s place.”

Hayden: “You want to watch the excitement!”

Layla was exposed to her small thoughts, so she didn’t pretend at all.

“Brother, is that child yours? When did it happen? If the child was just born, then sister-in-law was conceived ten months ago…Ten months ago, just after the New Year…”

“Don’t call sister-in-law.” Hayden knew that he couldn’t hide the matter, so he decided to face it bravely.

“Oh, you broke up with that woman? Brother, what’s the matter? Who is that woman? Why did she give birth to a child and send it to our house? She doesn’t want a child, so does she want money? Why did she send the child here, you don’t seem to know? She didn’t ask you for money?” Layla kept asking like a small trumpet.

Hayden’s temples suddenly ached from his sister’s series of questions.

He walked up to Robert, looked at his face, and asked, “Robert, have you never touched a woman?”

Robert’s cheeks flushed: “No, brother! I go home to sleep every night. I didn’t spend the night outside.”

Hayden: “When your sister got married, didn’t we spend the night in a hotel outside?”

Robert: “Ah… But that was spending the night outside with everyone!”

Layla caught the clue: “Brother! Did you sleep with another woman when I got married?! That’s when we all spent the night outside.”

Hayden: “…”

Avery saw that his son acquiesced, so she asked: “Who is the other party? Is it a relative of our family or a relative of Eric’s family?”

Hayden: “Mom, they are not relatives.”

Avery: “Oh…not a relative, who is that? Why don’t you tell us! Have you not contacted that woman? Otherwise, they sent their child to our house without advance. Let me tell you.. .ah, you don’t know that woman is pregnant, do you?”

“I don’t know.” Hayden replied truthfully, “I went to look for that woman this afternoon, but I couldn’t find her.”

“Why can’t I find her? Tell me about that woman, and I’ll find her for you.” Elliot wanted to help his son.

“I don’t know that woman’s information. If I knew, I wouldn’t be able to find it.” Hayden replied, “She didn’t ask me for money. She never contacted me.”


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