Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2931 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2931 By verygoodnovel-“How is it possible that you don’t know any information? Then how did you get on with her?” Elliot asked.

Hayden took a deep breath: “She was a hotel waiter.”

Elliot, Avery, Layla, Robert, Hazel: “…”

Seeing that his family members were all speechless, Hayden walked towards the dining room on his own.

He was now physically and mentally exhausted and very hungry.

Layla came to her senses first, and followed Hayden to the dinning room.

Soon, Elliot and Avery also came to their senses.

The two looked at each other.

“What do you think?” Elliot asked.

Avery: “I don’t know. This is a bit ridiculous.”

Elliot: “I’s ridiculous too! I thought I was the only one who thought it was ridiculous! Why did our son, such an excellent son, find a waitress?”

Avery: “Aren’t they together? Aren’t they not in touch?”

Elliot: “Even if it’s a romantic relationship, it’s not enough to find a waiter, right?”

Avery: “It’s all about love, and you have to emphasize that you are right? Forget it, it happened, just accept it!”

“He went to find the child’s mother in the afternoon. What is he going to do? Compensate that woman? Or give her a title?” Elliot could accept a grandson, but he couldn’t accept a waitress as his daughter-in-law.

He was actually a very open-minded person, and he was not so particular about being well-matched.

But it’s ridiculous for Hayden to find a waitress.

“As long as the son likes her, as long as the son is willing, we don’t care.” Avery whispered, “She can let Hayden choose her, which shows that she has her uniqueness.”

“Our son has no experience in this area, what if he is cheated?” Elliot was a little stressed, “We can’t ignore it completely!”

Avery: “Don’t worry. Hasn’t he contacted that woman yet? I don’t think that woman is what you think. She didn’t ask Hayden for money. The child was sent to our house for free…”

Elliot: “Play hard to get.”

Avery: “Okay, let’s not worry so much for now. A waitress can fool Hayden, but it is impossible to fool so many people in our family. Let’s take one step at a time!”

Elliot: “Yes.”

A little later, people from the paternity testing agency came to take samples from Robert, Hayden and the child respectively.

After sampling, Elliot and Avery took their children back to their room to rest.

The two of them decided to take the child to bed tonight.

Hayden saw his parents carrying the child upstairs, with mixed emotions in his heart.

Now the whole family had acquired that the child was his.

“Brother, please plan carefully! You can’t completely ignore your child. Although parents can help you, children also need father’s love. Have you forgotten when we were young?” Layla said solemnly to Hayden, “Can’t you move your company to Aryadelle? Or you set up a branch in Aryadelle, and you go to work in the branch.”

“I don’t want to be responsible for my children.” Hayden did not forget his childhood experience.

If that child was really his, he might think about his work on Aryadelle in the future.

“That’s good. The mother of the child… what do you think?” Layla continued. “Honestly, I don’t want you to marry a waiter.”

Hayden: “That woman is not the kind of person you think.”


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