Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2956 By verygoodnovel

Novel Chapter 2956 By verygoodnovel-When Joanna heard what Avery said, her face turned pale with fright.

Joanna: “Auntie, when will your driver arrive?”

Avery: “I guess it will take a while. He is going to see someone off right now. Are you at home today?”

Joanna: “Yes, at home. But my house is very messy.”

Avery: “It’s okay. The things are a bit heavy. I’ll ask him to deliver them to your home. You don’t need to clean them up. I know you’re usually busy at work…”

“Okay, thank you, Auntie.” Joanna really couldn’t refuse Avery’s kindness, “I’ll pay you New Year’s greetings when you’re free some other day.”

“Okay! When are you coming, tell me in advance, and I’ll entertain you.” Avery said enthusiastically.

After hanging up the phone, Joanna scratched her head.

“Mom, Aunt Avery said that she sent someone to deliver food to me. Her driver will come to our house later. When her driver comes, you have to take Gia out to hide.” Joanna said. She was originally in a calm mood, but it turned out like this.

“It’s so cold outside, where can I hide with Gia?” Mrs. Picard was a little embarrassed, “Everyone is at home to celebrate the new year! Why is her driver not celebrating the new year?”

“You don’t understand this. The driver is going to work today, may be his salary is high!” Mr. Picard said, “I’ll take Gia out later. I’ll take Gia to the safe passage for a while. The driver will come to see you off. He won’t be with us for very long after delivering the gifts.”

“Okay! I’ll collect Gia’s things first.” Joanna immediately collected Gia’s things in the living room.

Before she had children, Joanna’s room had never been so messy.

After having a child, the room was not tidy at all.

Gia’s bottles for milk powder, her toys, and her clothes. When she looked around, Gia’s things were everywhere.

“Joanna, don’t panic. You put the things in your room, it’s impossible for others to go to your room.” Mrs. Picard helped her daughter put them away together.

“I shouldn’t have accepted the flowers from them last time. If one of them doesn’t call in advance next time, won’t it be revealed?” Joanna said. She was becoming more and more attached to Gia, making it impossible for her to send Gia to the Foster family for custody.

Facing so many top wealthy families with better conditions than herself, what Joanna could do was to hide Gia well.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. I think Avery is a very nice person. Today’s New Year’s Eve will still miss you.” Mrs. Picard was in a good mood. “If you hadn’t given birth to someone else, how could our family be with you? Is someone involved? Your current dessert shop is also getting better and better because of the help of others.”

“Mom, I know what you said. I didn’t say they were bad. It’s just that I can’t lose Gia. The thought of losing her makes me feel bad.” Joanna quickly put her daughter’s things into a large storage box and she carried the storage box into her room.

An hour later, the driver of Foster’s family called Joanna and delivered the things.

Joanna went downstairs with her father and younger brother to help carry things.

The three of them carried all the things the driver brought, and they didn’t need the driver’s help to take them upstairs.

The driver scratched his head in embarrassment: “Then I’ll go first.”

“Let’s go! Thank you for your hard work!” Joanna let out a big sigh of relief after watching the driver get into the car.

When the three of them returned to the rented room, Mrs. Picard hugged Gia and said, “Look, Joanna, things are not as scary as you think. Don’t always be so pessimistic in the future.”

“Maybe I’m a little pessimistic!” Joanna opened the presents one by one, “Ginseng, bird’s nest…why did Auntie send me so many supplements? Do I look weak?”

~End of the Chapter 2956~


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