Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2970 By verygoodnovel

Novel Chapter 2970 By verygoodnovel-Joanna didn’t expect Hayden to speak so directly, and she couldn’t hide the small thoughts in her heart.

“Not exactly…I think you happen to be single, and Juliette also happens to be single, and Juliette admires you very much.” Joanna blushed and explained, “If you happen to think that Juliette is not bad, you two… you can try it…Of course, if you don’t like Juliette, then just pretend I didn’t say anything.”

Hayden fell into deep self-doubt.

His whole family was matching him and Joanna. But Joanna was matching him and Juliette.

“If I’m with another woman, then our child will have a stepmother.” Hayden reminded.

“Yeah! I’ve thought about this too. So if you’re with Juliette, this problem won’t be a problem.” Joanna looked sincerely, “Juliette will definitely treat Dorian very well.”

Hayden: “…”

In the evening, Hayden returned home.

The whole family came up to him and asked him how he felt about the date today.

After all, this was Hayden’s first date with a woman in his life.

“Joanna doesn’t like me, so don’t match me up with her anymore.” Hayden was a little tired after wandering around all afternoon, “Robert, pour me a glass of water.”

Robert hurried to pour water for his brother.

“How is it possible!” Layla didn’t believe her brother’s words, “You are so good, how could there be women who don’t like you? Why do you say Joanna doesn’t like you? You confessed? Was Joanna rejected?”

“She asked me to be with her best friend.” Hayden took the water glass from his younger brother and drank it all in one gulp, “Now I can give up, right?”

“Who is her girlfriend?” Layla asked, sitting next to her brother.

“…forgot.” Hayden really didn’t remember Juliette’s name.

“Oh, it seems that you are not interested in her best friend!” Layla sighed, “What did Joanna think, even introducing you to a girlfriend, why didn’t she introduce herself!”

Avery took up her daughter’s words: “She should have low self-esteem. The reason why I say she is a bit like when I was young is because she has a strong self-esteem. She may feel that she is not worthy of Hayden, so she will avoid it.”

After Avery said this, Hazel nodded in agreement: “What my mother said makes sense to me. If the difference in status is too big, you will feel less important. In fact, not just girls will feel like they are less than. If the living conditions aren’t great, the boys would be ashamed, too.”

“That’s right.” Avery affirmed what Hazel said.

Hayden put down his water glass: “Are you so sure that Joanna has that kind of thought for me? If someone really doesn’t want to be with me, you are forcing others by doing this.”

“Brother, do you have low self-esteem?” Layla teased, “You’re good-looking, you can make money, and you don’t mess around. What woman would not like you? Even without Joanna, you have a lot of good friends who like you. Can you be more confident?”

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “Hayden, if Joanna really doesn’t like you, you can actually feel it yourself. Although you have never been in a relationship, you are a person full of emotions. Your love for us is the best proof. You can also fall in love with a woman and start a happy family with her. The premise is that you don’t deceive yourself.”

Hayden: “…”

“Yeah, brother, if you can’t figure it out right now, then think about it after you go back to your room.” Layla patted her brother on the shoulder, “By the way, where did you two go after you came out of the barbershop?”

Hayden: “We went shopping together. She bought a hair tie.”

Layla: “Anything else?”

Hayden: “It’s gone. She doesn’t want anything else except hair bands.”

Layla: “Then what did you eat for dinner?”

Hayden: “I ordered the dishes. I packed two dishes and one soup for her mother. She thanked me a thousand times, and then took a taxi back by herself.”

Layla: “Brother, why don’t you send her back?”

Hayden: “She doesn’t want me to send her. I definitely can’t force her.”

~End of the Chapter 2970~


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