Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2971 By verygoodnovel

Novel Chapter 2971 By verygoodnovel-Layla: “…”

It felt like the two of them get along very differently.

Layla didn’t know how to make a move.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Hayden got up from the sofa and went back to his room.

After Hayden left, everyone spoke freely.

“I think elder brother likes sister Joanna a little bit.” Robert was the first to express his opinion, “If elder brother doesn’t like sister Joanna, he won’t go shopping with her at all this afternoon.”

“Hahaha! You can see that, brother still doesn’t want to admit it!” Layla gloated, “I didn’t expect my brother to fall into Joanna’s hands.”

Hazel: “Brother is a slow-moving person. He may not have realized that he likes Sister Joanna now. Let’s see when they get along for a while.”

“Hazel is right, we need to create opportunities for the two of them to go out and play a few more times.” Avery said, “I still have to talk to Joanna, or Layla, you can talk to Joanna so that Joanna won’t feel inferior.”

“Mom, why don’t you let me go!” Hazel felt that he had the same experience as Joanna, and it might be easier to open Joanna’s knot.

Avery: “Okay! But don’t you study hard? Mom is afraid that it will affect your study.”

“I don’t have class next Tuesday afternoon. I can go to Sister Joanna then.” Hazel also wanted to help his brother and sister Joanna.

If the two of them could really succeed, it would be better for Dorian.

“Okay. It just so happened that Joanna’s shop wasn’t that busy on Tuesday.” Avery replied, “Hazel, you can ask Joanna about your brother’s attitude when the time comes. If Joanna really doesn’t like your brother, she won’t consider having a relationship with your brother in the future. We still have to respect her wishes to start a family.”

“Okay mom, I will ask clearly.” Hazel agreed without hesitation.

In a blink of an eye, it’s Monday.

Ju-Ji Dessert Shop was extremely lively today.

Because this afternoon Joanna would deliver desserts and milk tea to the Dream Maker Group’s Aryadelle branch.

Employees scrambled to get there.

“Why don’t you go, I’ll watch in the store.” Joanna met Hayden on the weekend, so she wanted to satisfy the curiosity of the employees as much as possible.

“How can this work? Didn’t you prepare kimchi for him? You can deliver it yourself this afternoon!” Juliette pulled her along without thinking, “Since everyone wants to go, we will close the shop in the afternoon. Let’s go to the Dream Maker Group to visit together.”

Joanna: “???”

Closing shop?

Visit Dream Maker Group?

“Juliette, I really don’t know Hayden well.” Joanna felt that it was not good to close the shop suddenly, and it was even worse to visit Hayden’s company.

Without saying hello to Hayden, she hurried to his office because she knew it wasn’t good for her.

Juliette: “What are you afraid of! What I mean by visit is to go in and take a look. He won’t be so stingy, will he?”

“We also handed over the desserts to the front desk when we went. It’s better not to make people feel disgusted.” Joanna didn’t want to close the shop, nor did she want to visit Hayden’s company.

“Boss Juliette and boss Joanna, you two go! We’ll stay in the store. We were joking just now.” The newly hired store manager said sensiblely.

In a blink of an eye, it was afternoon.

After Joanna delivered the dessert to the Dream Maker Group, she brought the bubble tea to the front desk.

Joanna: “Miss, can I trouble you to give this to Hayden for me?”

The front desk smiled and said, “Ms. Picard, you’d better take the food directly to Boss Tate! Otherwise, Boss Tate might not dare to eat it after passing through my hands.”

~End of the Chapter 2971~


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