Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2975 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2975 By verygoodnovel-“He already invited you to dinner in his office. Isn’t this what you two call dating?” Juliette felt that their relationship, even if it wasn’t a relationship, was definitely not an ordinary relationship.

“It’s just a meal, it’s definitely not counted. And it wasn’t that he wanted to invite me to dinner, it was because I brought him kimchi, and he invited me to dinner out of politeness. I don’t know how embarrassing it was at that time. After I went over, he asked his assistant to buy another meal.” Thinking about it now, Joanna wanted to find a hole in the ground.

“Hahaha! He accepted your kimchi, which means he still has a little affection for you, otherwise he would definitely not want your kimchi. He has never eaten any delicacies from mountains and seas. Can you be rare about your kimchi?”

Joanna had a different opinion: “Is it possible that he eats too much delicacies and wants to eat some kimchi for a change?”

Juliette: “I understood!!!”

“What did you understand?” Joanna was startled by her sudden scream.

“Hayden has seen a lot of rich ladies and famous ladies, and when he suddenly sees a woman from an ordinary family like you, he will feel a novelty. The more you behave differently from those rich ladies, Hayden’s interest in you will thicker.” Juliette felt that she had understood it, “Joanna! You have a great chance!”

Joanna was shocked by her words: “Juliette, Hayden and I are absolutely impossible. It is no exaggeration to say that every time I see him, I am so frightened that my legs go limp…”

“Is there still a rapid heartbeat?” Juliette asked after eating the fruit.

Joanna nodded: “In short, I am very nervous!”

“It’s right to be nervous! Because you’ve fallen in love with him deeply!” Juliette concluded based on her years of experience in love, “Believe me, you just fell in love with him!”

Joanna: “…”

“Based on Hayden’s current attitude towards you, he should have a little affection for you. But this affection is not enough to support him to confess his love to you. After all, a successful person like him is more cautious than ordinary people in everything he does.” Juliette continued to analyze, “He should be in the stage of investigating you now!”

Joanna trembled: “Juliette, stop talking. Otherwise, I won’t dare to go to his company to deliver desserts next time.”

“Can you be a little promising? If you can marry Hayden in the future, our dessert shop will not have to worry about it!” Juliette began to conceive a blueprint for future success, “Maybe, With Hayden’s help, our dessert shop can get listed as a business.”

Joanna couldn’t continue chatting with Juliette, so she turned around to do other things.

On a Tuesday afternoon, there were no customers in the dessert shop.

Joanna was looking at the books in the office.

She didn’t have a background in finance, but after running a dessert shop, she had learned a little bit about everything.

Juliette took a lot of risk to find her family and took the money to invest in dessert shop. Joanna wanted to work hard so that Juliette would no longer be forced by her family to go on blind dates.

“Boss, there is a very beautiful girl looking for you.” The front desk girl knocked on her office door and said with a smile.

Joanna immediately walked out of the office, and saw Hazel standing in the shop at a glance.

“Hazel, why are you here?” Joanna was very surprised, thinking that Hazel was here to buy desserts, “What do you want to eat, I’ll treat you to it.”

Hazel unceremoniously asked for a chocolate cake and a cup of hot milkshake.

“Do you have no class this afternoon? I remember that your university seems to be quite far from the city. Did you come out alone?” Joanna dragged Hazel to her office to chat.

“Sister Joanna, I came here to see you.” Hazel took out a small gift box from her bag, “This is a small gift I picked for you, I wonder if you will like it.”

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