Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2976 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2976 By verygoodnovel-Joanna took the gift: “Hazel, why are you being so polite. I like whatever you give me. You don’t need to buy me a special gift next time you come over.”

“Sister Joanna, it’s just a small gift, not very valuable.” Hazel smiled, “I have no classes this afternoon, so I’ve come to take a look. I won’t disturb your work, will I?”

“Of course not, I have hired a few more employees in my store now, and I’m not as busy as before.” Joanna said, “Your brother’s company is near our dessert shop, do you want to go and see your brother later?”

“I can see him every night, so I won’t make a special trip to see him.” Hazel didn’t dare to disturb his elder brother’s work, “Sister Joanna, you met my brother last Saturday, how did you feel about him?”

Hazel came to chat with Joanna today with the hope of the whole family.

They need to confirm Joanna’s attitude towards Hayden.

“He’s good!” Joanna said without hesitation, “Your whole family is good. I’m really relieved that Dorian is taken care of by you.”

Hazel nodded: “It’s our responsibility to take care of Dorian. Sister Joanna, you shouldn’t be in a relationship now, right?”

“No!” Joanna felt that Hazel’s question made her more and more flustered, “Hazel, what exactly do you want to say?”

“Sister Joanna, don’t be afraid. We want to know if you like my brother or not. Because we really want you to be with my brother, but we are afraid that you don’t like my brother. If we match you up, it will affect you.”

Joanna’s face suddenly turned red.

Joanna: “Hazel, do you really think your brother would like an ordinary woman like me?”

This question, if it was Layla or Avery on the opposite side, she would be too embarrassed to ask.

Knowing that Hazel lived a hard life since she was a child, she may understand her feelings better.

“Of course it’s possible. You are fine, except that your family is not that rich, everything else is fine. Whether or not your family has money is beyond our control. My parents don’t value this, and my brother probably doesn’t care either.” Hazel said with a smile, “Sister Joanna, you probably like my brother a little bit, right? Don’t worry, I won’t tell my brother.”

Joanna was a little embarrassed, but also sober.

Although Hayden’s family members liked her very much, the most important thing was Hayden’s attitude.

“Hazel, for a man as brilliant as your brother, there shouldn’t be any woman who can’t be tempted, right? I think he should find a better one. And I don’t plan to fall in love for the time being. The business of the dessert shop has just started on the right track, so I can’t take it lightly.” Joanna told Hazel her thoughts truthfully.

Hazel nodded: “Sister Joanna, I understand what you mean. Don’t worry, my family and I will still treat you as a member of our family in the future. The matter between you and my brother depends on the fate of the two of you.”

“Hazel, thank you! In fact, I really like your family. Being able to know you is already the greatest luck in my life. I dare not ask for more.” Joanna said sincerely.

Hazel: “Sister Joanna, don’t say that, your good fortune is yet to come!”

After the two chatted for a while, Hazel left.

She was afraid of affecting Joanna’s work.

Originally, she didn’t plan to go to her brother’s company, but after she came out of the dessert shop, she suddenly wanted to visit her brother’s company.

She asked the driver to take her to the Dream Maker Group building.

After getting off the car, she took a photo with the building, and then got on the car to go home.

On the way home, she sent a group photo to the family group: [My brother’s company is whiter than mine.]

Hayden liked white, so the exterior wall of the company was white.

Hayden saw the news and immediately called Hazel: “Are you here? Why didn’t you tell me in advance? I’ll go down to pick you up.”

“Brother, I just passed by, I’m gone now.” Hazel laughed.

“Why did you pass by here?” Hayden asked.

Hazel didn’t intend to hide it from her brother, “I don’t have class this afternoon, I just went to play with Sister Joanna.”

“What are you looking for her for?” Hayden asked.


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