Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2977 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2977 By verygoodnovel-“I like Miss Joanna, I’ll take a look at her shop.” Hazel didn’t intend to tell her brother the content of the chat with Joanna.

The relationship between the two of them still depended on their own development.

“Her shop is relatively small, just an ordinary dessert shop, nothing fancy.” Hayden said.

“Brother, you are too direct.” Hazel smiled, “I believe that Sister Joanna’s shop will grow bigger and bigger in the future.”

“I’m just telling you that, I won’t hit her in front of her.” Hayden chuckled softly.

Hazel: “That’s good. Brother, you are busy! I plan to go home and take a nap.”

“Yeah. Next time you come here, you’re not allowed to take a picture and just leave. Anyway, come in and see me.” Hayden confessed.

Hazel: “Okay! I’ll see you next time.”

After talking on the phone, Hayden looked at the phone screen, hesitated for a while, and sent a message to Joanna: [My sister is looking for you?]

It happened that Joanna was not busy, so she quickly replied: [Yes! How do you know?]

Hayden: [She told me. What did she talk to you about?]

Joanna: [She told you that she came to see me, but didn’t she tell you what we talked about?]

If Hazel didn’t say anything, Joanna naturally wouldn’t say anything either.

She still trusted Hazel very much.

Hayden: [It seems that you don’t plan to tell me either.]

Joanna: [You want to hear topics between girls!]

Hayden: [Didn’t you talk about me?]

Joanna: [I was talking about you and your whole family!]

Hayden: […]

When there was a knock on the door, Hayden immediately said, “Come in.”

Hailee walked in and put the documents on Hayden’s desk.

“Boss, the information you asked for is on your desk.” After finishing speaking, Hailee said again, “Someone wants to chase Ms. Picard.”

Hayden raised his eyebrows: “Which Ms. Picard? You mean Joanna?”

“That’s right! The only Ms. Picard you know is Joanna!” Hailee said, “I just met the director of the planning department. According to him, there is a man in their department who resides in the same city as Joanna. Their primary and junior high schools are in the same place. That man is single, and the family is in a hurry, so he plans to chase Ms. Picard.”

“He only searches for Joanna because his family is pressuring him, right?” Hayden enquired, “Does he really believe that he can get married simply because his family is pressuring him to do so?”

“Boss, most people are like this. Now everyone is very busy with work, and there is little time to slowly fall in love. Many people get married after meeting a few times. They all get along slowly after marriage.” Hailee replied.

“I didn’t hear Joanna talk about it.” Hayden had dinner with her yesterday, so he didn’t hear her talk about it at all.

“That man plans to follow her, so I think he’s about to start taking action.” Hailee said, “Boss, if you’re interested in Ms. Picard, I can go to the Planning Department to remind them.”

Hayden: “…”

Hayden almost couldn’t bear to let Hailee go.

But after calming down, he felt that this was also a test for Joanna.

“Let that man to follow her! If Joanna agrees so easily to someone else’s proposals, it means she is not right for me.” Hayden’s face was a little darker than before.


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