Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2978 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2978 By verygoodnovel-Hailee was very smart person. After hearing what the boss said, he immediately understood that the boss treated Joanna differently.

But from his point of view, Joanna must not be worthy of the boss.

Hayden was now going to test Joanna probably because of this mentality.

Let’s see if Joanna could stand the test.

6:30 in the evening.

Joanna was getting ready to leave work.

Now the store had recruited a few more employees, so she didn’t have to stay in the store late at night.

Coming out of the store, a man immediately blocked her way.

Although the man’s behavior was somewhat reckless, he had a gentle and friendly smile on his face.

“Joanna, do you still remember me? Last time I came to your store to buy desserts, I had a chat with you.” The man who spoke was Ellis, an employee of the planning department of Dream Maker Group.

Joanna immediately responded with a smile: “Of course I remember you, we are fellow villagers! This is the first time I have met fellow villagers from our small county in this city!”

Ellis: “Me too! Last time I saw you, I was so busy that I didn’t even bother to find the contact information. Let’s add a friend? We can go back together when we go back to our hometown!”

Without hesitation, Joanna immediately took out her phone and added him as a friend.

“Joanna, do you have a boyfriend? I heard you don’t. I don’t know if the news is accurate.” Ellis asked with a blushing face after adding Joanna.

“Who did you listen to? I’m not familiar with the people in your company!” Joanna only knew Hayden a little, but Hayden probably wouldn’t talk about her personal affairs with the employees.

“I asked your shop assistant. You don’t mind if I ask you about your personal affairs?” Ellis’s simple and honest smile made Joanna shake her head.

“What’s the matter, I’m not that stingy.” Joanna asked, “Have you eaten? You are here to buy desserts, right? Although I really hope that the store’s sales will increase, I really don’t recommend eating desserts for dinner.”

“I’m here to see you.” Ellis invited, “Joanna, can I treat you to a dinner? I think we are really destined to know each other. Many people don’t come to Aryadelle, it is really rare that we can meet here.”

Joanna also found it difficult.

Joanna: “I’ll give my mom a call.”

“You can call auntie out to eat together! Maybe auntie knows my mother!” Ellis said enthusiastically, “I’ll take you and Auntie to a lovely dinner at a nearby restaurant.”

If her mother didn’t have to accompany her Granddaughter, Joanna would definitely invite her out to dinner with her.

They were all from a small place, and they felt very cordial when meeting each other.

“No need. Just the two of us eat!” Joanna said, then turned and dialed her mother’s number.

After telling her mother that she was going to have dinner with fellow villagers, Her mother asked Ellis’s name curiously.

As Ellis said, their small county has a small population, so maybe the previous generation really knew each other.

“Ellis, my mother asked what your parents’ names are.” Joanna asked.

Ellis walked directly to Joanna’s side, and yelled out his parents’ names into her mobile phone.


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