Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2980 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2980 By verygoodnovel-Joanna did not expect Ellis to tolerate this.

She was a little surprised, but she didn’t immediately decide to be with Ellis because of this.

Although she and Ellis were fellow villagers, this was the second time they had met.

Even if it’s just to confirm the relationship, She’s a little anxious now.

“Ellis, thank you for saying that. We just met, and we don’t know each other very well.” Joanna said, “And I don’t think you are very old either!”

“I’m 27 this year, can’t you tell?” Ellis could tell that Joanna was a cautious woman.

Ellis had no idea what had happened to her in the past, but he believed she had the potential to be his partner for life.

“I really can’t see it. It feels like you are only 25 years old at most!” Joanna boasted, “And 27 years old is still very young in a big city.”

“Yeah! Actually, I’m not that anxious. It’s mainly because my parents and grandparents are anxious. You also know that in our hometown, many people get married at the age of 20. For those who are my age, their children can use soy sauce. My mother and grandma are in a hurry, and every time I make a phone call, they urge me to find a girlfriend.” Ellis was also in a hurry by being urged by his family.

“Yes! I know. But if you marry someone you don’t like, it’s easy to get divorced. The divorce rate is so high now.” Joanna said, and the waiter came over with cold dishes.

“Well. I told my family the same way. They actually want me to find a woman to have a baby quickly. As for divorce or not, they don’t care that much. They just want to hold grandchildren.” Ellis said, “I want to find a woman I like to live with. It’s not just finding someone to have children.”

“Ellis, you are right to think so. If you marry a woman you don’t like and have children, but you get divorced in the end, what will happen to the children? I’m not saying that single-parent families are bad, but children from single-parent families must not have a complete family.” When Joanna said this, her voice weakened.

Her pair of twins were also forced to become children of a single-parent family.

She was not very worried about Dorian.

Everyone in the Foster family would spoil him. But Gia was not so happy.

She occasionally questioned whether it was selfish of her to keep Gia by her side and allow Gia to lead a modest life alongside her.

Gia would be spoiled by everyone in the Foster family if she gave Gia to them, just like Dorian was. But seeing her daughter’s face, she would dispel these thoughts again.

Joanna liked her daughter, and she believed that her daughter would like her very much when she grew up.

Just like Joanna was born in an ordinary family that was not rich, but she loved her parents very much.

“You said you gave birth to a child, so is your child with the man or with you?” Ellis asked.

This question involved privacy, and Joanna didn’t want to answer it.

“Ellis, let’s have dinner!” Joanna picked up the chopsticks and picked up some fans.

“The cold dishes are cold, eat less.” Ellis said carefully.

“The heating in the store is quite good, it’s fine.” Joanna hadn’t felt so at ease for a long time.

When she was with Hayden’s family, she admitted that she was very happy.

Everyone in the Foster family was very polite to her and always gave her various surprises and gifts.

When she got along with them, it was as if she was floating in the clouds, she was light and airy, and she was a little carried away.

She felt realistic once she got along with Ellis.

Outside the restaurant, Hailee saw them eating together, so he secretly took a photo and sent it to Hayden: Boss, the two of them started dating.

Hayden saw the photo sent by his assistant and clicked on it.

In the photo, Joanna was smiling happily.

Hayden put down his phone and rubbed his eyebrows.

“Hayden, stop playing with your phone, hug your son!” Avery hugged Dorian into Hayden’s arms, “Your father’s arm hurts when he holds the child.”


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