Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2981 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2981 By verygoodnovel-Hayden: “So exaggerated?”

Avery: “Your son is gaining weight, and your father likes to carry him around. Can it not hurt?”

Hayden: “Let him rest for a while, don’t hold the baby for now.”

“He can’t help it. And it’s all his fault. Now your son likes to be hugged, and he likes to be hugged and walked around, crying as soon as he is put down, and sometimes even crying when he is not moving. Ah, I have so many children, none of them are like this. It’s all your father’s fault.” Avery said resentfully.

Elliot was drinking tea beside Hayden, not daring to say anything.

He really didn’t expect Dorian to be such a baby. He also took Robert before, but Robert was not like this.

“Wow…” Dorian cried.

It was because Hayden was holding him and sitting on the sofa without moving.

Hayden immediately put down his phone and stood up holding his son.

As soon as he stood up, Dorian’s crying stopped.

Hayden: “You are so young, you actually like to torture people!”

“Hey…” Dorian smiled happily.

“Do you miss your mother? She’s dating another man now!” Hayden couldn’t help but said these words.

Avery: “Who is Joanna dating?”

Avery could clearly hear jealousy in her son’s tone.

“An employee of my company.” Hayden regretted. He didn’t like to reveal his emotions very much. Even in front of his own family.

“Why did your company’s employees get along with Joanna?” Avery was puzzled, “Didn’t you two have a good time on weekends?”

“My company is very close to her dessert shop. They are fellow villagers.” Hayden explained simply, “She has the right to choose her own partner. Mom, please don’t interfere.”

“I’m not her mother, how can I interfere?” Avery comforted Hayden, “It’s normal for fellow villagers to play together, but it may not be what you think. If you like Joanna, take the initiative. A traditional girl like Joanna, the man needs to take the initiative. When your father chased me, he took the initiative. Otherwise, I can fall in love with him?”

Elliot: “???”

If Avery talked about her son, she would talk about her son. Why was she talking about Elliot again? And Elliot had long forgotten how he took the initiative to chase his wife back then.

He only remembered that the two of them had known each other for so many years, and their love was stronger than gold.

“Mom, I haven’t reached that point with her. Let’s see how she develops with that man!” Hayden wanted to see Joanna’s choice.

After having dinner with Ellis, Joanna returned to the rented room.

“Mom, this is the cake that Ellis asked me to bring back for you. Our hometown also has this kind of cake, but it is much bigger than this one.” Joanna showed the cake brought back to her mother.

Mrs. Picard smiled and said, “Ellis is a nice child. Joanna, does Ellis like you? Or can you bring me cake?”

“Mom, I ate with Hayden last time, and I packed something for you. Does Hayden like me too?” Joanna said, going to see her daughter.

“That’s not good. You are beautiful and well-behaved. They all like you, so I won’t be surprised.” Mrs. Picard was naturally satisfied with what her daughter saw.

Joanna’s ears immediately burned.


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