Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2982 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2982 By verygoodnovel-It may be related to the living environment and family education.

She felt that she had been going smoothly along the way. She felt that God was good enough for her, and she really didn’t dare to think about such a great thing as marrying Hayden.

All she had to do was grab what she was sure she could grab.

“Joanna, tell mom honestly, what do you think?” Mrs. Picard hoped that her daughter could find a reliable man to raise Gia together.

After all, Mrs. Picard was old, and it was impossible to stay with her daughter all the time. She hoped that a man could take care of her daughter in the future.

“Mom, I didn’t think much about it. It’s the second time I’ve met Ellis!” Joanna saw her daughter sleeping, so she came back to the living room, “But Ellis is very anxious, and his family is in a hurry.”

“He is almost 30 years old, can his family not worry? If you reach this age, I should also worry.” Mrs. Picard said, “To be honest, Ellis should be reliable, you can consider one time.”

Because they were all in a small county, even if they were not neighbors, they could still find out their character by asking around.

For Ellis’s family in a small county, the conditions were good.

Moreover, Ellis was good at studying and was very simple and honest. Although Mrs. Picard didn’t see him in person, she was very satisfied with him.

“Mom, you just said that Hayden might like me too, so why didn’t you think that I would be with Hayden?” Because she was at home and with her mother, Joanna said things she would not have said in public.

Mrs. Picard didn’t expect her daughter to ask such a question, and was a little surprised.

“Hayden may like you a little bit, but I don’t think he will marry you.” Mrs. Picard replied seriously, “With his conditions, what kind of excellent woman can’t be found! You see, he hasn’t found a wife yet, he must have a very good eye. Mom doesn’t want you to be dragged by such a man and consume your youth. It’s better to find a real man and live a peaceful life.”

Since Joanna was a child, her mother had taught her this way.

Not only did her mother think this way, but so did her father.

“You see that your dessert shop business is doing well now. If you do it well in the future, you can make a lot of money. If you have financial means, men don’t dare to underestimate you.” Mrs. Picard continued to analyze with her daughter, “Although Gia is not Ellis’s child, he would never bully her.”

“Mom, you’re thinking too far.” Joanna smiled. “To be honest, I’m in a mess right now. Don’t force me to make a decision at this time.”

“I didn’t force you! I asked you to think about Ellis. If you miss him, you may not be able to meet the right conditions and come from the same place in the future.” Mrs. Picard said, “Your life-long event must depend on your own choices. Mom can only give you advice.”

“Mom, I will definitely think about it. I am not too old now, so I don’t need to be so anxious to settle down.” It was impossible for Joanna to agree to Ellis so quickly.

“Anyway, you can figure it out yourself!” Mrs. Picard smiled and narrowed her eyes, “Anyway, it’s good that you are doing this now.”

“Well. Mom, if the business stabilizes in the future, I would like to hire a nanny to take care of the children, so that you can relax more.” Joanna considered that her mother had undergone surgery and could not be too tired, so she wanted to find a nanny.

“Don’t look for it, wait until you buy a house. Gia is so good, I won’t get tired taking her. And you sleep with her at night. I have a good rest at night, and I really don’t feel tired during the day.” Mrs. Picard wanted to help her daughter reduce her burden, not increase it.

“Okay, I will try my best to buy a house first. After I buy a house, I will hire a nanny.” Joanna imagined a bright future, “If I feel like this, it doesn’t matter if I find a man or not.”

“Hahaha! It’s better to find a close companion. Gia will leave you when she grows up, and you will be lonely in the future. Mom knows you, you are not the kind of strong woman shown on TV.”

Joanna blushed when she was hit by her mother.

The next day, noon.

Ellis came to the dessert shop with a bouquet of flowers.

Joanna looked at the flowers he sent, feeling very embarrassed.

It was neither accepted nor rejected.

Joanna: “Ellis, don’t do this.”


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