Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2986 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2986 By verygoodnovel-A quarter of an hour later, Ellis’s car drove to the downstairs of Joanna’s rented community.

Joanna carried the bag containing the child’s supplies, picked up the child, and came out of the room.

Mrs. Picard heard the movement and came out from another room: “Joanna, what’s the matter?”

“Mom, Gia has a fever. I’ll take her to the hospital now. Go back to your room and rest! I called Ellis. He’s downstairs now.” Joanna didn’t want her mother to stay up late with her, “There’s a lot going on outside. It’s raining, and I don’t know if there are many people in the hospital. Don’t worry, with Ellis’s help, I can handle it.”

“Then I’ll take you downstairs.” Mrs. Picard took the umbrella and followed her out the door.

Ellis held an umbrella and waited at the door of the unit building.

After Joanna came out with the baby in her arms, Ellis immediately tilted the umbrella towards the mother and daughter.

“Auntie, go back and rest! A cold and fever are not a big deal. I’ll send the children back when their fever subsides.” After Ellis finished speaking, he protected Joanna and got into the back seat.

After Ellis got into the car, he immediately drove towards the hospital.

It was raining heavily at the moment, and there were basically no pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

While waiting for the traffic light, Ellis glanced at the back seat.

“Joanna, is this a girl or a boy?”

Joanna: “Girl.”

“Oh…your daughter is so beautiful! She is as beautiful as you.” When Ellis spoke, Gia stared at him with wide eyes.

Gia had a fever at the moment, her cheeks were flushed with fever, she didn’t cry or fuss, she just opened her big eyes and looked around.

Seeing her daughter like this, Joanna felt very stressed.

“Ellis, can you not tell anyone about my daughter? Including your boss.” If Joanna hadn’t been forced to help him tonight, he wouldn’t have asked Ellis to help.

But Ellis and Hayden worked in the same company, and she was a little worried that the next time they met at the company, he would tell the truth about Gia.

“Oh, okay. If you don’t let me say it, then I won’t say it. I won’t even tell my family.” Ellis assured, “Does the child’s father not want a child? If I were the child’s father, I would definitely not abandon the child.”

“The light is green.” Joanna reminded.

Ellis stepped on the accelerator and drove the car out.

After a while, the car stopped in the hospital parking lot.

Ellis got out of the car first to hold an umbrella, and then got down to protect Joanna and the child.

“Why don’t I come to hold the baby?” Ellis was afraid that Joanna would be too tired from holding her.

“It’s okay, I can hold her.” Joanna hugged the child and hurriedly walked towards the emergency room.

“Joanna, don’t worry too much. If she has a fever, she can take antipyretics.” Ellis followed her quickly while holding an umbrella.

“Well, I know. I just feel sorry for her. She is so young. It’s all my fault for not taking good care of her.” Joanna blamed herself very much.

Joanna was unaware that her lack of care for the child caused the child to become ill.

There weren’t many pediatric patients in the emergency room tonight.

After queuing for a while, it was Joanna’s turn.

Joanna entered the consultation room with Gia in her arms. When the doctor saw the mother and daughter, he immediately said, “Don’t wrap your child so much when she has a fever. Fever is meant to dissipate heat. If you wrap so many quilts for your child, it won’t spread.”

The doctor did open the quilt on Gia’s body himself and took off a small coat for Gia, by the way.

“I saw she had a fever, so I thought she was freezing.” Joanna said awkwardly.

“This is your first child, right? You’re so inexperienced.” The doctor first prescribed antipyretics, “Go to the side to pay for the medicine, and reduce the fever first.”

The doctor handed the prescription directly to Ellis.

Ellis immediately took the bill to pay for the medicine.


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