Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2987 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2987 By verygoodnovel-The doctor issued another order and said to Joanna: “Go get a blood test! Then find me when the results come out.”

“Okay doctor. Should I draw blood first or give the child antipyretics first?” Joanna asked worriedly.

“Give the child antipyretics first. Then go to draw blood.” The doctor explained.

“Okay doctor. My child was fine before. She has never been sick, and I don’t know why she suddenly had a fever.” Joanna stood up from the chair holding the child.

The doctor: “How old is your child?”

Joanna: “Six months.”

“Normal. Before six months, the child has the maternal immunity, so it is generally difficult for the child to become ill before six months. After six months, special attention must be paid to it.” The doctor explained.

Joanna was enlightened, thanked the doctor, and walked out of the consultation room.

Ellis took antipyretics and checked the dosage. He said, “Joanna, you can hold the baby and sit in the chair over there. It will be fine. We also had a fever when we were young. Isn’t it fine now?”

While comforting, Ellis opened the medicine bottle and poured out the corresponding dose of medicine.

Joanna said: “Well. I believed that Gia was healthy and had never been ill. The doctor just informed me that newborns have antibodies from the mother’s body for the first six months, making them resistant to illness. My six-month-old daughter no longer has any antibodies, so she becomes ill. I’m extremely concerned that she will become frequently ill in the future.”

Ellis handed the medicine to Joanna.

Joanna took the medicine and fed it to her daughter: “Be good, baby. After taking the medicine, the fever will subside. Mom knows that you must be suffering now. It’s because Mom didn’t take good care of you. Mom will definitely be more careful in the future.”

Gia smelled the fragrant medicine and drank it obediently.

“Your daughter is really good! What’s her name?” Ellis asked.

Joanna: “Her name is Gia.”

Ellis felt that the name was a bit special, “It sounds nice.”

“Ellis, thank you! If it weren’t for you today, I wouldn’t know what to do.” Joanna put the measuring cup into the bag and did not forget to thank Ellis.

“It’s just a small matter, don’t thank me all the time. What is this list for?” Ellis saw that she was holding a list in her hand and asked.

Joanna: “Oh, this is a blood draw, you have to pay first.”

After Joanna finished speaking, Ellis immediately took the form and took the initiative to pay the fee.

Seeing Ellis queuing up at the toll window, Joanna was deeply moved.

Her Mom was right, she was not the kind of strong woman shown on TV, she still wanted a man to rely on.

It would be a bit difficult for her to take care of the child by herself.

Gia doesn’t have to fight so hard if there is someone who can help, especially if that person likes her a lot.

After paying the fee, Joanna carried Gia to draw blood.

Gia was too small to understand the surrounding affairs.

When the nurse drew her blood, she frowned because of the pain and wanted to cry.

Ellis immediately turned on the phone and showed her the photos on the phone to attract her attention.

After the blood drawing was over, Ellis put away his phone.

“You’re pretty good at coaxing children.” Joanna said with a smile.

“I have a little nephew, and I tease him every time I visit my hometown.” Ellis explained, “I really like children.”

Joanna nodded.

Twenty minutes later, the test results came out.

Gia was sweating all over, and the fever subsided.

Joanna hugged the child and showed the test sheet to the doctor.


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