Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2989 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2989 By verygoodnovel-“Is Gia all right? What did the doctor say?” Mrs. Picard asked.

Joanna took the medicine prescribed by the doctor and began to prepare it for her daughter: “It’s a bacterial infection. The doctor said to take the medicine first to see the situation. Mom, don’t worry too much. The doctor said that the child before half a year old is because of the mother’s own resistance. Now she doesn’t have the mother’s resistance, so it is easier to get sick.”

Mrs. Picard: “Well, I’ve heard of this. It may be that I took her out for a while in the afternoon, and she was frozen.”

“Mom, the doctor said that if the child has a fever, the child shouldn’t wear too many clothes. If not, the child will not be able to cool down. So the child doesn’t need to wear too many clothes.” Joanna prepared the medicine for the child, brought it over, and fed it to her daughter.

Gia no longer had a fever, but her cheeks were still red.

But she seemed happy, though, and she was smiling.

“Joanna, go to bed after feeding the medicine to the child. Otherwise, you won’t have the energy to go to work tomorrow.” Mrs. Picard said, “Thanks to Ellis tonight, you have to thank him some other day.”

Joanna: “I’ll treat him to dinner another day.”

Mrs. Picard: “Um.”

“Gia got sick today, and I just realized how obedient she is, mom. When she takes her medication, she doesn’t cry. When she draws blood, she doesn’t cry. She resembles a little angel, really.” Joanna was feeding her daughter the medicine, and she opened her mouth to drink obediently.

Joanna’s heart melted.

“Gia is still young and is illiterate, so this is why. Children’s medicine is now tasty. It’s bitter medicine, not like when you were younger. Every time you drank some medicine, I chased you around the room.” When Mrs. Picard said this, she remembered her daughter’s childhood, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but rise, “You cry a lot every time you get an injection and dislike taking medication or getting injections.”

“Mom, I still remember.” Joanna also smiled, “Gia didn’t cry when she got her blood drawn today, I think she might be different from me, maybe she won’t be afraid of injections when she grows up. “

“It’s possible. It would be nice to be like Hayden. Successful people have the characteristics of being successful. You have this fate with him because our family is lucky.” Mrs. Picard didn’t often mention Hayden, but to Hayden Still very satisfied.

Such a successful man did not know what kind of woman he would find as his wife in the future.

“Mom, it’s late at night, don’t talk about such a heavy topic.” Joanna yawned after feeding her daughter the medicine, “I’m going back to my room to sleep. If Gia doesn’t feel better when I wake up, then I’m going to ask for leave tomorrow.”

Mrs. Picard: “Go to sleep first!”

After Joanna returned to her room, she quickly fell asleep.

the morning of the following day.

As soon as Hayden finished his work, a thought suddenly entered his mind.

Ellis pursued Joanna because he didn’t have any suitable dating partners around him. If he arranged a friendship and let him meet more unmarried women, wouldn’t his eyes be limited to Joanna?

And the company expressly forbids romance in the office, so…

Hayden called Layla.

“Are there many single employees in your company?”

Layla was at a loss: “Brother, why are you asking this? Are you my brother? My brother can’t say such a thing!”

“Why don’t our company’s single employees and your company’s single employees have a friendship!” Hayden announced his plan.

Layla: “Huh? Brother, are you serious?”

“Well. I’ll let someone book a hotel, just this weekend! I’ll pay for the relevant expenses.” Hayden was almost informing Layla.

Layla thinks this proposal is not bad, “Why don’t you ask Dad’s company to come and have a friendship together! It will be more lively. What do you think?”

Hayden: “Yes. But you go and tell Dad.”

Layla: “Okay! Brother, why do you suddenly care so much about the marital status of your employees? Aren’t you not married yourself? Or do you want to make friends with yourself?”

Hayden: “Hang up.”


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