Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2990 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2990 By verygoodnovel-After hanging up the phone, Hayden handed over the friendship to his assistant.

Hailee was a smart person. He immediately understood the boss’s intentions in making such arrangements.

“Boss, do you want to remind Ellis from the planning department to participate?”

Hayden gave the assistant a cold look.

Hailee immediately shut up.

“In this fellowship, all single employees can participate.” Hayden said.

“What if married people also want to participate?” Hailee asked.

“The married ones want to find a mistress?” Hayden retorted, “Married ones cannot participate.”

“Those who are married may want to join in the fun.” Hailee explained with a smile, “Gathering high-quality single men and women from three big companies at once, such a grand friendship, if I get married, I would also like to take part in it.”

Hayden pondered for a while, and said, “The married ones pay for their own meals. At the same time, label them as married.”

Hailee felt that the boss’s idea was too extreme.

“It would be ridiculous if there were more married people than unmarried people. We can still make a fortune from this event!” Hailee thought.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend yet? You can take this opportunity to find one.” Hayden glanced at the assistant and said, “Otherwise, you won’t be able to find a partner by then, don’t blame me for arranging too many jobs for you.”

“Boss, in fact, I’m not completely single now.” Hailee explained his situation with some embarrassment: “A girl I chased in college recently contacted me. I didn’t catch up with her before because my family’s conditions are very average.”

“She used to look down on you, but now she does?” Hayden raised his eyes and helped him analyze, “Do you think you will develop better in the future?”

Hailee nodded: “Because I was lucky enough to be selected by you. No matter how much I earn in the future, working by your side is a very valuable experience.”

“Hailee, when searching for a wife, you should not look for someone who is only as wealthy as you.” Although Hayden had no relationship experience, he has seen more. “Even if you find someone who is not as good as her, it’s okay.”

Hailee: “Boss, to tell you the truth. My parents are very satisfied with her because her family conditions are better than mine and she has a good job. Because my parents are more satisfied with her. I had dinner with her in private, and I was hesitant to say yes to her, but now I know the answer.”

“As long as you work hard with me, I can definitely satisfy you materially. Just find a wife and find someone you like.” Hayden said.

“Yes. Boss, I hope you can also find a woman you like.” Hailee saw it and didn’t say anything.

His boss was probably still testing Joanna.

He didn’t know how many tests Joanna had to go through before the boss could accept her.

News of the friendship quickly spread among the three major companies.

All single men and women enthusiastically signed up to participate.

After all, dinner at night was free, drinks and fruits were free, and they could meet friends inside; why not do it?

Married people also signed up one after another.

The threshold fee for registration was $100 per person.

$100 to go to a five-star hotel to eat and drink, was definitely not a loss.

planning department.

The director walked up to Ellis and asked him why he didn’t sign up for the fellowship.

Ellis: “I’m a bit busy at work this week, I’m afraid I won’t be free.”

“Leave work for now. This is the first time for such a fellowship. I’ve already signed up, so you can go too! You don’t have to pay any fees!” The director urged.

“Okay! If you go to this kind of event, aren’t you afraid that your wife will scold you?” Ellis laughed.

“If you really want to cheat, you can cheat even if you don’t have a friendship. I just went to see the excitement!” The Director laughed.


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