Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2991 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2991 By verygoodnovel-“Director, can you invite friends to participate?” Ellis thought of Joanna.

Ellis was not stupid, and Joanna didn’t seem to be interested in him.

But Ellis and Joanna were fellow villagers, and Ellis also hoped that Joanna could find a good home.

“Isn’t that possible? Do you want to bring single friends or married friends?” the director asked.

“Single friends. It’s fine if I can’t bring her. She may not be willing to come.” Ellis didn’t want to be special.

“I’ll ask Hailee.”

The director called Hailee and asked Ellis’s question. Hailee asked back, “Did he say who he was going to bring?”

The Director: “No. I don’t know his friends either!”

“Tell him that if you want to bring along anyone, you can only bring one friend. And don’t say anything; otherwise, everyone will bring friends, and the hotel banquet hall may not be able to accommodate them.” Hailee guessed that Ellis wanted to bring Joanna.

After the Director conveyed Hailee’s answer to Ellis, Ellis immediately sent a message to Joanna.

Ellis: [Joanna, our company will have singles networking events with Tate Industries and Sterling Group this weekend. The event is free; do you want to join me? You’re single anyway. I just asked the director, and the director said that I can bring a single friend.]

When Joanna saw this message, she refused without thinking: [I won’t go. I am not from these companies; how embarrassing to go.]

Ellis: [Maybe others will bring friends too! You will be with me when the time comes! Just open your eyes. The event is free, so just go for a free dinner!]

Joanna: [Ellis, to be honest, are you a little scared to participate alone?]

Ellis: [Haha, you’ve discovered all of this.]

Joanna: [I have to see if there is anything else on the weekend. If there is nothing else, I will accompany you.]

Ellis: [Alright.]

Joanna put down her phone, not paying special attention to this matter.

She planned to go to the driving school to sign up for the weekend. It was best to get her driver’s license before the end of this year and then buy a scooter.

She had to buy a house and a car, and the financial pressure was still quite high.

In a blink of an eye, it’s the weekend.

After taking the medicine for three days, Gia’s body had returned to normal.

According to the original plan, Joanna went to the driving school to register early in the morning.

The staff at the driving school gave her a few books and the contact information for the coach.

After returning home, Joanna started to read the book of subject one.

At noon, Ellis called her and asked her if she had considered it.

Joanna didn’t react for a moment.

“I told you a few days ago that our company has a bachelor party with Tate Industries and Sterling Group. Are you free tonight? If you are free, let’s go play together.” Ellis reminded.

“Oh, can you go by yourself? I don’t really want to go.” Joanna said, seeing her mother walking over.

Mrs. Picard asked her who was calling.

She covered the receiver and replied in a low voice, “It’s from the Ellis. Their company has a bachelor party event, and he wants me to accompany him to participate, but I don’t really want to go.”

Mrs. Picard smiled and said, “You have nothing to do at night. Let’s go play with Ellis! What if you can find a boyfriend you like?”

After hearing what her mother said, Joanna replied to Ellis, “Where is the venue of the event? I will go there at night.”

“I’ll pick you up at night.” Ellis told her the gossip he had inquired about, “I heard that the number of single men is twice as high as that of women. I think I must have no hope of finding a girlfriend at this event. Maybe you can find it!”


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