Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2992 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2992 By verygoodnovel-Joanna didn’t want to participate in such an event at all.

The main reason was that this event was organized by the Foster family.

The single employees of the three companies of the Foster family were dating. First, she was not an employee of their company, and second, she was the mother of Dorian. She would feel weird to find a male employee in their company to fall in love with.

This was also the reason why Joanna didn’t want to fall in love with Ellis.

She actually struggled many times.

Ellis was a very nice person who treated Joanna and her family well, but Joanna felt uncomfortable as long as she believed that his boss was Hayden.

It would be preferable if she found someone who had no connection to the Foster family.

“Ellis, if I accompany you to participate in this event this time, it will be regarded as repaying your previous favor. If there is another event like this in the future, please don’t call me.” Joanna told him clearly.

“Do you really hate this event so much? If you really don’t want to come to play, then forget it.” After Ellis felt that she was very resistant, he stopped pressing.

In fact, Ellis asked her to have a friendship mainly because he wanted to find an opportunity to spend more time with her.

“I promise you, come and pick me up tonight!” Joanna said, “You also know my situation. Few men can accept my situation. So I don’t like to participate in this kind of activities.”

“Joanna, don’t be nervous. You don’t have to find a partner to participate in this kind of activity, just treat it like an ordinary activity, just have fun.” Ellis explained.


After talking on the phone, Joanna looked at the time, it was still early.

Mrs. Picard looked at her daughter’s face and said, “You were a little bit aggressive with Ellis just now.”

“Is there?” Joanna touched her face, feeling a little hot.

“He kindly asked you to go out to play. If you really don’t want to go, you can refuse. There’s no need to be angry with him.” After Mrs. Picard finished speaking, she went to the kitchen to cook.

Joanna got up from the desk and walked towards her mother.

“Mom, I just feel that I have children and I’m not suitable for that kind of singles association.” Joanna adjusted her mood, and contined, “Ellis gave me a sense of urgency. I wasn’t so anxious to find a partner, but he either wanted me to accept him or not, or let me go to a bachelors group, which makes me a little nervous.”

“He has good intentions. It’s normal to find a partner. Why are you upset because of this? Do you plan to never marry in the future? If not, wouldn’t it be good to get to know more people of the opposite s-e-x while you are young?” Mrs. Picard’s tone was calm and gentle, “Joanna, I know what you’re thinking. Hayden is too good. Even if you marry with two children, I’m afraid you won’t be too happy.”

Joanna didn’t expect her mother to see through her thoughts so easily.

“Mom, everyone wants their significant other to be excellent. I have this kind of thinking. Is it not shameful? Although I have this kind of thinking, I don’t bother with others. I know how much I am.” Joanna didn’t have to keep her heart a secret from her mother.

“This way of thinking is obviously not shameful. I also considered how wonderful it would be if Hayden were to become my son-in-law! Then our family wouldn’t need to put in as much effort. In addition, Hayden is charming and has a positive outlook on life. So good man, I’m going to burn some paper money for my ancestors if my daughter can get it.” Mrs. Picard laughed loudly when she said this.

Mrs. Picard was overjoyed just thinking about it.

Seeing the smile on her mother’s face, Joanna laughed too.

Joanna: “Mom, I will work hard to make myself better, and I will definitely find a very good partner in the future.”

“Anyway, you just look down on the Ellis.” Mrs. Picard sighed softly.

“No! I’m still young, and I want to work harder to see how high my career can reach.” After Joanna finished speaking, Gia cried.

Joanna immediately went to the room to see her daughter.

Gia woke up and saw no one around, so she cried.

Joanna picked up her daughter and touched her diaper. She peed a lot, so she put her down again and changed her diaper.

“Mom is going out tonight, so be good, baby. She might return later. You must pay attention to Grandma! Okay, Mom will take you out tomorrow. The temperature has risen recently, and the sun shines brightly every day! Mom takes you to see flowers, cars, and cars…”

Since having a child, Joanna’s mentality had undergone tremendous changes.

She didn’t feel like a child as often as she used to.


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