Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2996 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2996 By verygoodnovel-Joanna was made nervous by Harry words.

“Mr. Harry, what are you going to say? I’m a little nervous.”

“It’s right to be nervous.” Harry said cheerfully, “I just saw that you added friends with a man.”

“Yeah! I’m not very good at rejecting people face to face.” Joanna pointed out her shortcomings, “Generally, when people add me and chat with me, as long as I’m not enthusiastic, people won’t look for me a few times.”

“Oh, what do you think of my boss?” Harry asked.

The expression on Joanna’s face gradually froze: “Mr. Harry, why did you suddenly ask this question? Why don’t we go outside and talk about it!”

Harry laughed loudly, and then walked outside with her.

“Ms. Picard, I won’t go around in circles with you anymore. My boss probably has a little affection for you, just a little! He has always been obsessed with work, and has never had much contact with the opposite s-e-x, nor has he ever been in love. But he kind of likes you now, you know what I mean?”

After Joanna heard this, her heart suddenly became turbulent, and she didn’t know what to say.

Joanna: “Did he tell you to come and tell me?”

“No, no. Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I came to talk to you. My boss is rather boring. He came over just now and saw you exchanging contact information with other men. If you are unhappy, just leave.” Harry said, “I think, if two people want to be together, someone must take the initiative. And my boss is not the one who takes the initiative, and I don’t think you are the one who takes the initiative either. …You two are so exhausted, I am anxious.”

“Mr. Harry, do you want me to chase after your boss?” Joanna was very puzzled, “Will he hate me if I take the initiative? To be honest, I don’t know how to chase boys.”

“Just ask him out for dinner more often! If he agrees, it means he doesn’t hate you.” Harry taught her, “Also, don’t get too close to other men.”

“Are you sure your boss likes me?” Joanna was in a daze, feeling too unreal.

“He said it himself just now. Otherwise, can I come to you? He might not have left yet. You can call him and ask.” Harry taught her, “If he hasn’t left yet, you can ask him for tea.”

Joanna: “Does your boss like tea?”

“He doesn’t like it very much! I just said it casually. He has probably already had dinner at this point. If you invite him to dinner, he might not be able to eat it.” Harry wished he could get Joanna’s phone and make a call by himself.

After a short hesitation, Joanna took out her mobile phone from her bag, found Hayden’s number, and dialed it.

Soon, the call was connected.

Harry signaled Joanna to speak quickly with his eyes.

“Hayden, are you leaving?” Joanna blushed and asked.

Hayden: “How do you know I’ve been here?”

He was in the car, and hadn’t driven out yet.

“I…” Joanna looked at Harry. Harry covered his face with a headache. Joanna took a deep breath and said, “When you left, I saw your back.”

Hayden: “Yes. Did you have fun?”

Joanna: “I’m here with Ellis. He said he was nervous by himself and couldn’t let go, so I’ll come and give him advice.”

The coldness on Hayden’s face dissipated a little: “Dorian is sick. You haven’t seen him for half a month.”

When Joanna heard that Dorian was sick, she immediately walked towards the elevator, wanting to see her son.

“I-I want to test my driver’s license recently, because it’s inconvenient without a car. So I didn’t go to see Dorian. Can I go to see him now?” Joanna lied.

She didn’t go to see Dorian because Gia was sick and had to take care of Gia.

Unexpectedly, Dorian was also sick.

It seemed that she and her mother didn’t take good care of Gia.

Dorian was in Foster’s house, so many people took care of him, and he also fell ill.

“When I went out, he was taking a shower. I don’t know if he’s asleep right now.” Hayden glanced at the sky outside the car window, “You’d better go see him tomorrow! My parents are probably asleep too.”

“Okay. Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Joanna felt ashamed when she thought that her son was sick and she came to participate in this kind of fellowship.


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