Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3001 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3001 By verygoodnovel

“I also took fish oil, which I told you last time. It was recommended by the nutritionist. Now he can eat complementary food. I give him fruit puree, vegetables and the like every day. He has a good appetite and can eat a big bowl of everything.” Avery said, laughing, “His father always said that we made Dorian too fat. In fact, he didn’t give him anything extra to eat. Dorian is so strong.”

“I think it’s either very fat, or it’s bigger.” Joanna said with a smile.

Avery: “Yes! He is taller than other half-year-old children. Naturally, he is heavier. But they are all within the normal range.”

“Yeah. Auntie, it’s really hard work for you to take care of the children at home every day.” Joanna said gratefully.

“This is my grandson, how can I feel hard work! And there is a nanny to help, who sleeps with the nanny at night!” Avery didn’t think it was too hard.

At least for the past six months, she felt very fulfilled.

When Dorian was bigger, she could take her grandson to play around.

Dream Maker Group.

Avery sent a message to Hayden, asking if he wanted to go home for lunch because Joanna was here.

Joanna took a day off today and planned to spend more time with Dorian.

Hayden was busy today, so he refused.

For lunch, he went to the cafeteria with his assistant.

He felt tired of eating too many meals ordered outside.

The big pot of rice in the cafeteria could sometimes relieve the tiredness.

“Boss, did you drink tea with Ms. Picard last night?” Harry whispered gossip.

“What tea?” Hayden glanced at the assistant Harry, “Who told you we went to drink tea?”

“I guess…you didn’t go to drink tea?” Harry smiled and continued to gossip, “Then where did you go after you left the hotel last night?”

“My son is sick, and I’m not in the mood to play. After I sent her home last night, I returned home.” Hayden replied, “What’s your expression?”

“I told Joanna last night that you liked her a little bit, and I asked her to take the initiative with you. Didn’t she take the initiative?” Harry wanted to know if Joanna listened to him.

Hayden recalled Joanna’s reaction last night, no wonder she blushed so much last night!

“Is it because I deducted your bonus and you are not convinced, so you retaliated against me like this?” Hayden asked, “Who told you to talk too much?”

“I want to help you! You don’t take the initiative, and Joanna doesn’t take the initiative, how did the story happen?” Harry bravely analyzed, “At least take that step. If you try it and think it doesn’t work, you can break up. Although I don’t have a lot of love experience, but my theoretical knowledge is still sufficient.”

After hearing what the assistant said, Hayden was not so angry anymore, but he would not praise him for it either.

Be smart!

This was a taboo in the workplace!

After the two arrived at the cafeteria, Hayden found a place to sit down while Harry went to get food.

Hayden was not very picky about food, and he didn’t like to waste time thinking about what to eat, so he ate what Harry bought every time.

Not far away, after finishing eating, Ellis saw Hayden sitting there alone, and immediately thought of what Joanna said last night.

Suddenly, a surge of courage grew in his heart, and he decided to chat with the boss about Joanna.

He was unaware of the boss’s feelings toward Joanna. He could tell Joanna the result if he could just ask.

In case that silly girl Joanna had been waiting foolishly.

“Boss, can I sit here?” Ellis walked up to Hayden with the plate in his hand.

Hayden glanced at him, then nodded.

After Ellis sat down stiffly, he said why he came: “Boss, can I chat with you about Joanna?”


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