Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3002 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3002 By verygoodnovel-Hayden glanced around.

The cafeteria was here, there were lots of people, and Hayden didn’t want to talk about personal things.

Hayden: “Let’s go out and talk after eating.”

“Oh, okay.” All of Ellis’s courage was exhausted just now.

At this moment, his cheeks were hot, and he was at a loss in embarrassment.

Harry prepared a meal for Hayden, gave it to him, and then sat wisely on the opposite side.

“Do you have any suggestions for the company?” Hayden broke the silence and asked Ellis.

Ellis never dared to talk nonsense in front of his boss, so he kept flattering him: “I think the company is pretty good. Whether it’s benefits or treatment, they are better than other companies of the same type. I feel very happy to be able to work here.”

Hayden listened to Ellis’s flattery, and his heart was indifferent, “There is no need to talk about this kind of nonsense.”

“Oh…but what I said is true!” Apart from these nonsense, Ellis had nothing else to say.

If he could see the company’s problems at a glance, how could Hayden, as the boss, not see them?

“My colleagues and I are proud of working in Dream Maker. Except that sometimes we need to work overtime, there is no other problem.” Ellis said.

“I don’t advocate an overtime culture.” Because he was the boss, Hayden frequently put in extra time, and he would take special care of his career.

Yet, he was aware that workers disliked working overtime, so he made sure to reinforce this point in every meeting with executives.

“I know. Our supervisor has said that. We don’t work a lot of overtime, so everyone has no complaints about overtime. The main reason is that the overtime pay is also quite high. For example, employees with financial difficulties will actively choose to work overtime.” Ellis talked, not so nervously.

Hayden: “I don’t want the employees who come to work to still have financial difficulties.”

“Boss, I know you are very generous to your employees, but Avonsville’s housing prices are expensive. With the salary that the dream maker pays his employees, they won’t be in financial trouble if they don’t buy a house.” Ellis said, laughed, “You can’t possibly give your employees a house!”

Hayden nodded: “I’ve also considered the issue of housing. I plan to talk to the people from the government this weekend. If I can win the vacant land of the old aquatic product, I will build staff housing at that time. “

Ellis: “…”

“After it’s built, it’s free for employees to live in. After ten years of work, they can get the property rights of the house. What do you think?” Hayden asked.

Ellis: “…”

Ellis didn’t know how he finished the meal.

After eating, Hayden asked him to go for a walk outside together.

Ellis immediately followed Hayden’s pace.

Hayden: “Didn’t you say you wanted to talk to me about Joanna?”

As soon as he came out, the space suddenly widened, and there were fewer people around.

The two walked towards the side path.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Ellis adjusted his mood, “Boss, although I don’t know when you and Joanna met, and I don’t know how your relationship is, but during the time I have been with Joanna, I think she is a very nice woman.”


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