Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3003 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3003 By verygoodnovel-Hayden listened quietly without interrupting.

“Although Joanna has given birth to a child, in my opinion, she is better than many women who have never given birth. So boss, if you like her, I hope you don’t dislike her. If you don’t like her, I hope you can hurry up and reject her.” Ellis didn’t want Joanna to be hung by Hayden, “She told me that she likes you, I don’t know if she told you.”

Hayden thought for a moment, and asked, “Is it possible that she used me as a shield to reject you?”

Ellis was stunned for a moment, and then said: “Most likely not. She has long since rejected me. In fact, my conditions are not bad. I don’t think she’ll reject me if she doesn’t have someone she likes. She truly likes you.”

Hayden was not surprised.

“Boss, what’s your attitude?” Ellis looked at Hayden’s calm appearance, a little elusive, “Joanna and I live in the same village. We remain friends despite her rejection. In fact, I persuaded her, telling her not to indulge in wishful thinking. After all, you are so good, and while Joanna is not bad, the difference between the two of you is far too great.”

Hayden: “What did she say?”

Ellis: “She means that she is not in a hurry to marry right now, so take your time! Boss, you also understand how exhausting it is to know there is no result but continue to wait. I don’t want her to squander her time. If you don’t like her and don’t want to marry her, simply reject her because she will always have illusions.”

“Ellis, are you short-tempered?” Hayden joked, “Just because you find someone to meet and you can settle down, it doesn’t mean that others are like you.”

Ellis blushed when he was trained.

“Even if I’m not your boss, even if I don’t have the status I have today, I won’t settle lifelong events like you do once or twice.” Hayden said calmly, “The reason why marriage is a big event is because marriage In the end, it will involve all aspects. I have known Joanna for a little longer than you.”

“Oh…boss, what you mean is that you are still inspecting her.” Ellis probably understood Hayden’s attitude, “If you think she is unqualified in the end, you must tell her.”

Hayden: “Didn’t Joanna ask you to tell me?”

Ellis shook his head violently: “Of course not! She is such a shy person, she can’t do such a thing.”

Hayden nodded: “How did she tell you about her child?”

Ellis: “I didn’t say anything. It’s her private matter after all. But I know that she has a good relationship with the child’s father, but you don’t have to worry. After I got to know her, I haven’t seen her meet the child’s father. Before her child had a fever, they were all shouting at me. I think her child’s father should not be in Avonsville.”

Hayden: “…”

Ellis: “Boss, what’s wrong with you?”

Hayden stroked the words he heard just now, and extracted key words: “Her child has a fever? Calling you?”

Although Dorian caught a cold, he did not have a fever.

Moreover, when Dorian caught a cold, his family took care of him. What did Joanna call Ellis for?

“That’s right! On the night of the heavy rain, her child had a fever and she couldn’t get a taxi, so I drove her child to the hospital.” Ellis was startled by Hayden’s livid face, and he began to tremble, “Boss, Didn’t you already know that she has a child? Why are you angry? Her daughter is very beautiful, and I told her directly that I am willing to accept her daughter.”

“Daughter?! She has a daughter?!” Hayden clenched his fists tightly, his body trembling after being shocked by the news.

“Ah?” Ellis scratched his head, feeling a little difficult to breathe, “Boss, don’t you know that she has a child? Why are you so surprised all of a sudden?”

Hayden clenched his teeth and strode towards the parking lot.

Joanna also has a daughter!

She actually hid the news!


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