Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3004 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3004 By verygoodnovel-Hayden was going to see how Joanna’s daughter was and what she looked like!

This d*mned woman!

No wonder she was able to send Dorian to Foster’s house on her own initiative, probably because she kept a child!

Otherwise, as a mother, how could she be willing to give her child to others?

“Boss!” Ellis trotted after Hayden, “Boss! What’s wrong with you?!”

Ellis didn’t know what he did wrong, and he actually made the boss furious.

“Don’t follow me!” Hayden shouted angrily.

Ellis stopped immediately, and began to reflect on what he said that made him unhappy.

But no matter what Ellis thought, he couldn’t figure it out.

He told Hayden about Joanna’s having a child from the very beginning, and Hayden didn’t make a fuss about it at the time, which meant that Hayden knew that Joanna had a child!

Moreover, Joanna had told Ellis before that Hayden knew about it.

Ellis really couldn’t figure out what was going on, and was afraid that he would lose his job because of it, so he could only call Joanna.

Seeing the call, Joanna immediately went to the yard to answer the call.

“Joanna, I want to confess to you. I just chatted with my boss!” Ellis’s voice came out unsteadily.

Joanna suddenly panicked: “What did you talk to him about?”

Ellis: “Talking about you.”

“Ah? Why are you talking about me?” Joanna blushed and her heart was in a mess.

She had an omnious premonition in her heart.

If there were no accidents, Ellis might not have called her.

“I told him, you like him. I hope he doesn’t hang on to you! After all, we are fellow villagers and friends. I didn’t go to him on purpose. I met him in the cafeteria today, so I told him everything about you and your child. Who knew he suddenly became very angry, I don’t know what’s wrong.” Ellis’s voice became crying. Because he began to worry about losing his job.

“Ellis, why did you tell him this? This is a matter between me and him, why did you do this?” Joanna suddenly felt dizzy, and couldn’t imagine how to face Hayden next time.

“We are friends, I told him not to lie to you, I don’t think I did anything wrong!” Ellis felt aggrieved, “Joanna, didn’t you tell me that he knew you had a child? Why did I talk to him about your child? When did he suddenly get angry?”

“You’re still talking about my child with him…Ellis, didn’t you promise that you wouldn’t tell anyone else this?” Joanna blushed, and her whole portrait turned into a ball of fire.

She was having trouble breathing and felt like the earth was no longer for her.

Hayden was suddenly angry, it must be because he knew about Gia. Otherwise, there was no need for him to be angry.

“You said he knew you had a child, that’s why I told him! And it was he who asked, not me.” Ellis’s nose was sour, “Joanna, you are angry with me too. Am I really doing something wrong?”

Joanna immediately went into the living room and took her bag.

She had to go home!

Not surprisingly, Hayden would come to her soon.

“Ellis, this matter is very complicated. I can’t explain it clearly to you now. Don’t worry, this matter has nothing to do with you.” Joanna finished speaking and hung up the phone.

“Joanna, are you leaving?” Avery asked Joanna immediately when she saw Joanna’s anxious look.

Joanna nodded with a troubled face: “Auntie, I have something to do and I have to go back. I’ll come and see Dorian next time.”

Avery: “Alright. I’ll let the driver take you!”

“No need, auntie, it’s very convenient to take a taxi on the side of the road.”

After Joanna finished speaking, she came out of Foster’s house.

At this time, Hayden called.


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