Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3005 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3005 By verygoodnovel-Hayden had already driven out of the company.

Now Hayden wanted to confirm her location.

Joanna took a deep breath, and then answered the phone.

“Joanna, are you still at my house?” Hayden’s tone became much colder and distant.

Joanna: “I came out of your house.”

“Okay, then go back to your house! I’ll wait for you at your house now.” After Hayden finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Joanna held the phone, thought for a while, and made a call to her mother to prepare her mentally.

After she called her mother, she told her about the matter, but her mother didn’t panic.

“It wasn’t long before I kept it a secret. It’s good for him to know, so I don’t dare to take Gia out to play, so as not to hide in the future.” Mrs. Picard said.

“I’m afraid he wants my daughter.” Joanna said pessimistically, “I will have a good talk with him and fight for the custody of my daughter.”

Mrs. Picard said, “Well. Didn’t you say that the people in their family are very nice? They should understand us. After all, you don’t want any benefit from giving birth to their family.”

“Mom, you can’t say that now. I’ve taken advantage of them.” Joanna was very sad, “The dessert shop’s current business is all thanks to their help.”

“Don’t be discouraged, if they insist on Gia, then give it to them! What can we do, life will always pass! It’s not like you can’t reproduce again.” Mrs. Picard comforted her daughter, “I can’t do it just because of this. Things turned against their family. We can’t afford to offend them!”

Hayden soon arrived at Joanna’s rented community.

He had been here once before, and he was quite familiar with the road.

He originally planned to wait downstairs, but soon after the car stopped, he couldn’t bear it anymore and planned to go directly to Joanna’s house.

He got out of the car and entered the community.

Following his memory, he entered the unit building and entered the elevator.

He only knew the floor where Joanna lived, not the specific room number.

Coincidentally, after he got out of the elevator, he saw a door open.

So he went over and took a look inside.

Mrs. Picard hugged Gia and met Hayden’s eyes.

This was the first time they met. But Mrs. Picard recognized Hayden immediately.

The main reason was that Hayden was a public figure, and his photo could be found by searching the Internet.

“Are you Hayden?” Mrs. Picard took the initiative to ask.

Hayden nodded: “Are you Joanna’s mother?”

“Yes!” Mrs. Picard immediately said enthusiastically, “Come in.”

Hayden didn’t refuse, “Do you want to change my shoes?”

He saw that the room was clean, but he didn’t see a change of slippers at the entrance.

“No, no, just come in like this! I mop the floor every day.” Mrs. Picard welcomed Hayden into the house, immediately put Gia in the crib, and turned to pour water for Hayden.

Hayden walked to the crib and looked at the little girl carefully.

“Auntie, are the child and Dorian twins?” Hayden didn’t want to beat around the bush.

This little girl looked about the size of Dorian.

Joanna could only give birth to two average-sized children if she was pregnant with twins.

Mrs. Picard was silent for two seconds, and replied: “Yes. Hayden, you don’t blame Joanna, do you? She can’t help it… May I ask which mother is willing to separate from her own flesh and blood? She put Gia by her side. Although it is selfish. It is justifiable. I hope you don’t blame her.”

“Then have you ever thought about how I, as the father of my child, never know that I have twins?” Hayden asked back, “I may not be a good father, but I will not evade my responsibilities. Why don’t you trust me?”


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