Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3008 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3008 By verygoodnovel-When Mrs. Picard came back, Hayden was walking in the living room with Gia in his arms, while Joanna was packing her luggage.

Mrs. Picard smiled and said to Hayden: “Aren’t you tired of holding Gia all the time? You can put her in the crib so you can relax.”

“I’m not tired.” Hayden was really not tired, “Dorian is heavier than her, and he has to be carried around every day.”

“It’s tiring to bring a baby like this!” Mrs. Picard said, “You spoil Dorian too much. It’s not good to spoil your child too much.”

Joanna poked her head out: “Mom, it’s not as exaggerated as you think. Aunt Tate is a very measured person, and she won’t spoil Dorian.”

Mrs. Picard: “Oh, that’s good.”

“What are you worrying about! Look at Aunt Tate’s four children, which one is not the most favored among the dragon and phoenix?” Joanna continued, “They will definitely take Dorian well.”

Mrs. Picard also started to pack her luggage, but she felt a little uneasy: “Where are we going to move? It’s good to live here! It’s very quiet here, and I’m used to it. I’m not used to going to places that are too lively!”

Joanna didn’t know how to answer. She had no idea where the villa Hayden was going to arrange for them was.

Hayden replied: “Auntie, don’t worry, the new home will only be quieter than here, and will not be noisy.”

Mrs. Picard was dubious: “Oh…Mr. Tate, I have no objection to moving, but can it not be too far away from my daughter’s shop? She doesn’t know how to drive. If it’s too far away, she’ll spend too much time getting there every day and get tired.”

Joanna’s face turned red: “Mom, don’t ask for it! It’s good that Hayden didn’t take Gia away. I’m willing to live anywhere, as long as I can be with Gia.”

After hearing what her daughter said, Mrs. Picard obediently shut up.

“The new home is in another direction, but it’s about the same distance from her dessert shop.” Hayden thought for a while before answering Mrs. Picard’s question.

“Oh, that’s good. Mr. Tate, I heard Joanna say that you are a very reasonable person. I met you today, and you are indeed a very good person.” Mrs. Picard boasted, “Even though you are rich and not in our class, but you treat people with a lot of respect.”

Hayden: “Auntie, you can just call me Hayden. I think respecting others is a basic requirement for a person to be a human being, and it should not be linked to status.”

“You’re right. You’re such a nice man.” Mrs. Picard sighed, “It’s a pity that my Joanna is not good enough for you. It would be great if you weren’t so rich.”

Joanna and Hayden were speechless.

“Mom, stop talking! I beg you!” Joanna walked out of the room and dragged her mother to another room and said, “Pack your luggage well. I’ll pack the things in the living room later.”

“Joanna, I think Hayden is very nice, I told him what was in my heart, and he won’t take it to heart.” Mrs. Picard said calmly, “Look how skilled he is in holding Gia! One can tell at a glance that he often hugs Dorian at home. Such a man who takes care of his career and family is better than many ordinary men.”

“Mom, you also said that I’m not good enough for him, so stop thinking about how good he is! Let’s pack it up quickly!” Joanna pushed out her mother’s suitcase, opened it, and put it on the ground.

Hayden hugged Gia, stood at the door of the room, and said to them: “Don’t worry, the new house hasn’t been cleaned yet. Go there after 6 o’clock in the evening.”

“Oh…Okay! Then don’t worry.” Joanna suddenly relaxed, “Do you want some fruit? I’ll cut it.”

Hayden: “Are you going to tell my mother about Gia, or should I go back and tell them?”

Hayden had no intention of eating at all, he really wanted to take Gia back to show his parents. His Mom and Dad would definitely be very happy.

But if he told his family, his family would become as entangled as he is.


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