Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3010 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3010 By verygoodnovel-Joanna couldn’t help laughing: “Didn’t you send someone to find a babysitter? When the time comes, your people will watch the child around the clock. If I want her to suffer, I’m afraid it will be as difficult as climbing the sky.”

Hayden: “At that time, I will arrange a few bodyguards to live at home to protect you.”

Joanna: “If you think it is necessary, just do it! After all, living in a villa is not worth a lot. It’s the same, and the possibility of being targeted by bad guys is relatively high.”

Joanna didn’t want to make fun of it, but once the words came out, the meaning changed automatically.

“We live in this old shabby neighborhood, and the bad guys won’t stare at us at all.”

Hayden: “You’re quite proud!”

Joanna: “No. I’m not proud. I’m just stating a fact. I know you are rich, You let us live in a villa, hire us a nanny, hire a bodyguard, as long as you have no financial impact, I will not stop you from doing so.”

Hayden: “Because you can’t stop it if you want to.”

Joanna’s nervousness went through arguing with him, was partially relieved.

“Where do you want to take Gia to go shopping?” Joanna followed him to his car, “Give me a hug!”

Hayden handed the child to her, and then said, “Go buy a child safety seat first.”

“Oh! Let’s do it!” Joanna hugged the child and sat down in the back seat, said: “Do you know where child safety seats are sold?”

“Yes. I have a car installed at home.” Hayden was driving the car today. It’s a car for commuting, so no child safety seats.

Joanna looked at her daughter and couldn’t help joking: “Baby, look how much your father loves you! You don’t have to suffer with your mother in the future.”

Hayden’s expression darkened after hearing her words: “Joanna, your behavior really made me very angry. As long as I think of my daughter suffering outside for half a year, I can’t help but want to get angry.”

Joanna felt that his anger was somewhat unreasonable: “I said that she suffered hardship is a modest statement. Look how good she looks! Does this look like a child who has endured hardships? She has only been sick once in half a year, and she will be fine after taking medicine for three days. You know better than anyone else whether she has endured hardships or not.”

“Look at how strong Dorian is, and look at the daughter, how thin and small! The two children were born together, how could there be such a big difference? It’s because you didn’t raise your daughter well!” Hayden scolded her.

Joanna looked at Hayden’s eyebrows and eyes in the rear-view mirror with a look of disbelief, and defended: “Auntie told me more than once, saying that you dislike Dorian for being too fat. Our daughter’s height and weight are very standard. Before Take her for a physical examination, that’s what the doctor said.”

Hayden: “…”

Joanna: “My mother takes care of her around the clock, no worse than the nanny you hire outside. She consumes milk powder that is the same brand as Dorian. I ask myself that I have a clear conscience for her.”

Hayden: “Except for food, my daughter suffers in other aspects! Is the house you rented a house for people to live in?”

“You mean me and my daughter? Isn’t mother human?”

“My child, you can’t suffer that!” Hayden emphasized emphatically, “I understand your feeling that you don’t want to be separated from your child, and you must also understand my feeling that I can’t let my child suffer!”

“Maybe this is class difference!” Joanna didn’t quite understand, “My life when I was young was more difficult than that of Gia. But I didn’t think I was any different than other rich kids.”

“This is just an excuse for your incompetence!” Hayden lashed out unceremoniously.

Joanna didn’t want to argue with him. After all, he didn’t take the child away, so he was showing mercy.

After they went to the 4S store to install the child safety seat, Hayden drove the car to a shopping mall specializing in luxury brands.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Joanna had never visited this shopping center.

Even if she was curious about this mall, she never entered it.

“What do you want to buy for the child?” Joanna followed Hayden into the mall and asked.

“My daughter can buy whatever she likes.” Hayden’s tone was very flat, as if he was talking about a very serious matter.

Joanna thought it was ridiculous.

Gia was only half a year old!

Where would she have any preferences.


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