Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3011 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3011 By verygoodnovel-She would accept anything they offered as long as it wasn’t frightening.

Because Gia took a few extra glances at a bag shop, Hayden walked in with Gia in his arms.

Joanna reminded: “This is for selling bags.”

Hayden: “You don’t need to remind me, I have eyes.”

Seeing them, the sales person immediately walked over enthusiastically: “Do you want to see the bags for men or women, sir? Yesterday a new batch was delivered to our store.”

“Is there a bag my daughter can carry?” Hayden asked the sales person seriously.

The sales person glanced at the little baby in his arms, and a look of shock flashed in his eyes.

The little milk baby who was only half a year old already wanted to buy a bag?

“Mr. Yes!” The sales person was bewitched by Hayden’s extraordinary temperament, and immediately took him to the children’s bag shelf, “These are children’s bags in our store.”

Joanna: “The children’s bag is so big. It feels like it can’t fit my child.”

The sales person: “Children’s bags are more lively and cute in design, if you want a smaller bag, here are small women’s bags!”

The sales person wanted to show them the small women’s bags.

As a result, Gia was fascinated by the colorful children’s bags in front of her eyes.

Hayden followed his daughter’s line of sight, took one of the bags with a big bear drawn on it, and asked his daughter, “Baby, do you like this?”

Gia suddenly showed a happy smile on her face, and wanted to hug this bag with both hands.

Joanna: “…”

This bag could really put Gia in it.

Just because Hayden thought his daughter liked it, Hayden bought it.

This bag, $138,000.

When Hayden swiped his card, Joanna glanced at the receipt, and her flesh ached.

None of her own bags cost more than $1,000. As a result, her daughter already owned a bag worth more than $100,000.

Although Gia had half of her blood flowing on her body, Gia’s life was much better than her own.

When he was about to walk out of the store, Hayden suddenly thought of Joanna: “Do you want to buy it?”

Joanna refused without thinking.

“I think my daughter has a good eye, let her choose one for you!” Hayden said, holding his daughter and walking towards the women’s bag area.

Joanna: “…”

Was spending money so casual?

After a while, Hayden took a red bag, said that his daughter chose it for her, and asked her if she liked it.

Of course Joanna nodded directly and said she didn’t like it.

But before she nodded her head, Hayden took the bag and went to the cashier.

Seeing that Hayden didn’t intend to follow her wishes, she could only exchange an off-white bag of the same style.

If you have to buy her a bag, at least you have to choose one that she can carry out, right?

His daughter liked the big red bag, but it didn’t go well with clothes.

After swiping the card, Hayden handed the bag to her.

“What else do you need, just tell me directly. Don’t keep me guessing.” Hayden said generously.


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