Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3012 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3012 By verygoodnovel-Joanna: “I don’t lack anything! I have bags at home.”

“I know you have everything,” Hayden said mercilessly, “I don’t want you to take your daughter out next time, and people will mistake you for her nanny.”

“Even if others misunderstand, I don’t care.” Joanna followed behind him, carrying her bag, “Living is already hard enough, if you still care about other people’s eyes, wouldn’t it be even more tiring?”

Hayden glanced at her: “You are in a good mood.”

“No matter how you live a day, wouldn’t it be better to be happy?” Joanna said, complaining, “You bought this bag for your daughter. She doesn’t know when she can carry it on her back. It’s too big!”

Hayden: “Then make it a toy for her. She likes the paintings on it.”

Joanna was at a loss: “If you are buying paintings for your daughter, you can buy paintings for her specifically, why buy a bag? It’s so expensive, what a waste!”

“If you think it’s a waste, then you can carry it first.” Hayden didn’t care about the price of the bag at all, as long as his daughter liked it.

It didn’t matter if he bought a house and his daughter didn’t like it the next day.

“That’s not what I mean. What I mean is that you don’t want to buy things indiscriminately. She doesn’t understand anything now, she finds everything new and interesting, and wants to touch everything. You can’t buy her everything, right?”

“Don’t take our daughter for a fool, okay? When she was picking out bags just now, she wasn’t that interested in other bags, which shows that she has her own aesthetics.” Hayden said, seeing his daughter’s little hand towards a jewelry store waved.

Without even thinking about it, Hayden immediately walked into the jewelry store with his daughter in his arms.

Joanna: “???”

Her daughter was only half a year old, was it appropriate to buy jewelry for her?

It’s not suitable for children to wear jewelry!

“Hayden, I bought some professional parenting books, which said that children should not wear jewelry, because children’s skin is relatively tender, and wearing jewelry may easily scratch the child’s skin.” Joanna said.

Hayden was actually very calm. His thinking was simple.

Hayden: “As a toy for my daughter, it’s fine if she doesn’t wear jewelry.”

Joanna: “…”

Be a toy!

Buy jewelry for my daughter as a toy.

“If you want to buy toys for your daughter, I know where they sell toys. We can go to a special toy store to buy them.” Joanna knew that the jewelry of this brand was very expensive.

Hayden: “I’ll buy it later when I see the toy store. Now I’ll buy jewelry for my daughter.”

After he finished speaking, he took his daughter to browse in front of the display cabinet.

“Hello, sir, what do you want to buy?” the cabinet sister asked enthusiastically.

Hayden: “My daughter is interested and I will let you take it.”

The cabinet sister immediately glanced at his daughter.

Did such a small child have the ability to select products?

After a while, Gia stretched out her little hand and waved it towards the display cabinet, as if saying — I want all of these!

Hayden: “Take all these out.”

Joanna felt that the world was crazy!


This was definitely spoiling!

When raising children, you must not spoil them, this is written in the book.

“How about I choose?” Joanna was afraid that Hayden would buy too much, so she could only take the initiative.

Hayden knew what she was thinking, but he didn’t intend to follow her: “You choose what you like. I will take my daughter to choose what my daughter likes.”

Joanna: “Forget it, buy it! I’ll wait for you at the door.”

“Call Harry for me. Ask him to send some people over to pick up things.” Hayden saw the shopping bag in her hand and ordered her.

Joanna: “Are you going on a shopping spree?”

Hayden’s face was calm: “Crazy or not, look at your daughter.”

Joanna didn’t know how to communicate with him normally.

But she just couldn’t communicate.


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