Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3014 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3014 By verygoodnovel-Joanna gained insight: “Actually, I just want to see what their menu looks like.”

Hayden: “When the dishes are served later, the waiter will explain each dish.”

Joanna gained insight again: “High-end restaurants are different. Do they have high chairs for children? If you hold your child like this, you won’t be able to eat later.”

Hayden: “Put her in the children’s dining chair, what if she falls out?”

Joanna: “Didn’t Dorian sit in the children’s dining chair when he was eating complementary food?”

Hayden: “Dorian looks so strong, and the daughter is so thin…can it be the same?”

Joanna convinced: “Okay! If you insist on hugging her, then go ahead and hug her! I’ll replace you after I finish eating.”

Hayden: “I can eat her while holding her.”

Joanna: “You like hugging her so much? Are you not tired?”

Hayden: “Not tired. My daughter is very light.”

“Okay!” Joanna originally wanted to say — ‘that you love your daughter so much that you might as well sleep with her at night’ but she didn’t say it.

In fact, it was very tiring to take the baby to bed at night.

Her daughter woke up every night and needed milk.

She would feel sleepy during the day if she couldn’t sleep through the night.

“Would you sleep with the child at night, or your mother?” Hayden also thought of this question.

“My mother takes care of Gia during the day, and I take care of Gia at night.” Joanna replied, “If you don’t change the baby, it will be very tiring.”

“Yeah. At that time, you can let the nanny sleep with the child. This way you can relax.” Hayden said, “My mother slept with Dorian before, and she said she couldn’t sleep well at night.”

“Because the child is too young, I can’t sleep through the night yet.” Although Joanna was tired, she didn’t complain, “I usually take a lunch break in the store at noon.”

“Are you sleeping in that small office of yours?” Hayden asked.

“Yeah. There’s a small bed inside. If I don’t sleep at noon, I won’t be energetic at night.” Joanna sighed, “The time actually flies, and Gia has grown so big in the blink of an eye.”

Hayden: “Compared with Dorian, Gia is still much smaller.”

“It’s not that big of a difference, is it? Anyway, I think they are similar.” Joanna always felt that Hayden was deliberately trying to find fault.

Joanna and her mother raised Gia very well. Although the place where she lived was a little worse, she really didn’t treat her child badly.

“How about letting the two of them meet on the weekend?” Hayden wanted to compare the two children together, “I’ll bring out Dorian on the weekend.”

“Okay!” Joanna’s eyes lit up, “I just don’t know if the two of them will fight.”

“Even if they fight, it’s better to keep them together.” Hayden felt that it would be cruel to separate the two brothers and sisters, “Which of them is older and who is younger?”

Joanna: “Twins are actually the same size. But the doctor took Gia out first. It stands to reason that Gia should be his sister, but after the two children have been raised for a short time, Dorian grows bigger than Gia, so let Dorian be bigger.”

“It’s good to let Dorian be her elder brother. Then he will take care of Gia in the future.” Hayden asked again, “What’s Gia’s full name?”

“Gianleen Picard.” Joanna lowered her head as she spoke.

Hayden would definitely mind having his daughter take Joanna’s surname.

“Dorian’s full name is Dorian Tate. Didn’t you come up with this name for my parents?” Hayden thought it was a bit of a coincidence.

“No. It’s just a coincidence. I chose the name for my daughter first. If you don’t believe me, I can show you the proof.” Joanna replied shyly, “If you think my daughter’s surname is not good for me, you can change her surname. As long as you don’t take your daughter from me with you, I can do the rest.”

Hayden: “Let’s talk about this later!”

After a while, the children’s meal was delivered.


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