Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3015 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3015 By verygoodnovel-Joanna was afraid that Hayden would be in a hurry by himself, so she went to his sofa to help.

“Hold your daughter, and I’ll feed her.” Joanna put a napkin around her neck.

Hayden held his daughter tightly in his arms, and her daughter’s eyes were fixed on the bowl in Joanna’s hand without blinking.

Seeing the delicious food, Gia immediately licked her little mouth.

“Baby, are you hungry?” Joanna couldn’t help laughing at her daughter’s little movements, “Don’t panic, mom will feed you.”

Hearing Joanna’s gentle voice, Hayden shifted his gaze from his daughter’s face to hers.

Now they were very close.

Hayden didn’t like the opposite s-e-x getting too close to him, but he didn’t dislike Joanna being so close to him.

“Hayden, help me get a tissue.” Joanna said to Hayden seeing that her daughter’s mouth was covered with a little soup.

Hayden immediately took out a tissue.

When Hayden handed the tissue to Joanna, he noticed the soup on the corner of his daughter’s mouth, so he planned to wipe it for her himself.

Joanna didn’t care and grabbed his hand.

The two immediately looked at each other, and then Joanna quickly withdrew her hand.

“You wipe the child!” Joanna blushed.

Hayden’s heartbeat also accelerated.

This strange feeling was the first time it was so clear.

He wiped his daughter’s mouth clean and saw that the noodles in the bowl were all gone.

“My daughter has a good appetite. She may not be full yet.” Hayden said, taking fruit from the fruit plate to feed his daughter.

“Let your daughter rest for a while before eating! If she eat too much, she will accumulate food and get sick.” Joanna walked to her seat and sat down.

“Then give her some water?” Hayden asked.

“Yes.” Joanna handed Hayden her daughter’s thermos.

About half an hour later, dinner was served.

The waiter brought over the children’s dining chair and asked if they needed it.

Joanna said to Hayden: “It’s better to put my daughter in the dining chair! Just play with toys for her. Otherwise, it will be very inconvenient for you to eat.”

Hayden: “Then try it! If she doesn’t want to sit in the dining chair, I’ll hug her.”

“She also sits on the dining chair at home.” Joanna got up and carried her daughter from Hayden’s arms.

Today, Hayden hugged his daughter for a long time, causing her daughter to smell of Hayden in addition to the smell of milk.

After putting her daughter in the dining chair, Joanna brought her a new toy.

Gia was full and had a new toy. She was very happy playing alone in the dining chair.

“Look, she is very happy playing alone.” After Joanna finished speaking, she picked up the chopsticks, “Let’s eat too! It will be almost six o’clock when we get home after eating. I don’t know if my mother has packed it.”

“Pack dinner for your mother and take it home!” Hayden said.

“This restaurant is too slow to deliver meals, and the portions are very small. Just go to a fast food restaurant and bring some to my mother later.” Joanna paid attention to the time, and the dinner took more than an hour to arrive on the table.

“I’ll have someone bring dinner to your mother.” Hayden said, took out his phone and called to make arrangements.

“There’s no need to be so troublesome. In fact, there is food at home.” Joanna felt that it was too troublesome.

“Your mother has to pack her luggage, so she definitely won’t be able to cook properly. I’ll arrange it, so don’t worry about it.” Hayden knew that she was afraid of bothering him, but this kind of trivial matter didn’t bother him at all.


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