Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3016 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3016 By verygoodnovel-After dinner, Harry called.

The villa had been cleaned.

Hayden hung up the phone and said to Joanna: “The villa has been cleaned, let’s go straight there! I’ll send another person to pick up your mother.”

Because she had child, it was more convenient to go directly to the villa.

Joanna nodded, then called her mother and asked her if her luggage was packed.

“It’s been packed a long time ago. When will we move?” Mrs. Picard replied.

“The new house has been cleaned, let’s go there first. Hayden said that he will send someone to pick you up later.” Joanna asked by the way, “Have you had dinner yet?”

“I can’t even eat dinner. I ate a lot of fruit snacks at home, and I’m overwhelmed right now.” Mrs. Picard said, “Leave me alone and you go to your new home first! When you arrive at your new home, take a picture of it and send it to me.”


After coming out of the restaurant, they got into the car and drove to the villa area.

Gia fell asleep in the child safety seat after a while.

Little Gia went shopping today. She had always been happy, played well, and ate enough to feel full, so she slept very deeply afterward.

Hayden and Joanna sat in the back seat together.

Hayden was sitting next to the child safety seat.

After his daughter fell asleep, he kept staring at her little face.

Joanna couldn’t help but said: “I feel that you don’t seem to like Dorian that much. They are both your children, do you still prefer them?”

Hayden: “Dorian has so many people doting on him, this is incomparable.”

“But my mother and I are also very kind to Gia!” Joanna objected, “Except for material things, we can’t compare with you. We really love Gia a lot.”

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“I didn’t say you guys treated Gia badly. Gia is my daughter, shouldn’t I spoil her?” Hayden finally thought of a saying, “Daughters should be rich.”

“Oh… I think Gia looks quite like you.” Joanna also looked at her daughter, “My mother said the same. What do you think?”

Hayden thought of another common saying: “It is said that a daughter is like a father. It seems to be true.”

“I just don’t know if her personality is like yours.” Joanna said softly, “She likes to laugh. Just laugh when you tease her.”

Hayden: “Then she looks like you. I don’t like to laugh.”

“Why don’t you like to laugh?” Joanna knew that Hayden didn’t like to laugh, even if he didn’t get along much, he could feel it.

Hayden: “I knew I didn’t have a father when I was very young.”

Joanna: “Oh… I heard from my aunt that she said that when she was young, she and uncle were both stubborn and strong, so they separated and reunited several times.”

Hayden: “Well. So I don’t want my children to grow up in a single-parent family.”

Joanna: “You are willing to transfer your business to Aryadelle for Dorian. You’re a good father. I believe that our two children will be very happy.”

Hayden didn’t answer.

According to the current situation, although the child had a father’s love as well as a mother’s love, he and Joanna were not husband and wife after all, and the child would definitely be compared with other children.

The car drove all the way into the villa area.

Joanna was stunned to see the beautiful landscape in the community from the car window.

When there was no comparison, she thought that the old and dilapidated community she lived in was also quite good.

Now that he saw the environment of the villa area, she immediately understood why Hayden disliked the place she rented so much.

“Here we are.” The car stopped in front of a villa, and Hayden reminded Joanna.

“Oh…Hayden, do you really want to live in such a nice house for us?” Joanna felt like a dream, “Aren’t you afraid that we will make your house old?”

Hayden: “Joanna, can you stop asking so many weird questions. If I ask you to do something, just obediently do it, okay?”

Joanna blushed and nodded, “Then I’ll get the child out of the car.”


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