Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3017 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3017 By verygoodnovel-“I’ll hug Gia. Go to the house and see what’s missing. I’ll have someone buy it right now.” Hayden said methodically.

“Okay.” Joanna knew very well in her heart that if she listened to Hayden’s words, there would be no mistakes.

Although she felt a little embarrassed that she had taken advantage of Hayden, Hayden was willing to keep the child by her side, and she could listen to Hayden in everything.

In the villa, the air was fresh and there was no peculiar smell. The floor was cleaned and the furniture was spotless.

On the coffee table in the living room, there were even fresh fruits and high-end snacks.

In the bedroom, the electrical appliances were complete, the four-piece set was laid out, and a bouquet of flowers was placed on the bedside table.

Joanna couldn’t find any faults.

After a while, Hayden entered the room with his daughter in his arms.

Seeing her daughter, Joanna immediately remembered that there was indeed one thing missing in this house.

“It would be great if I bought a bed rail. I always let Gia sleep on the big bed.” Joanna made a request.

Hayden: “Okay, I’ll let someone buy it now.”

Joanna: “Just buy a guardrail.”

“This way the child won’t roll on the ground?” Hayden asked, “The bed where Dorian sleeps is blocked on all sides.”

Joanna: “I don’t think it’s convenient to get on and off the bed if there are too many barriers. Besides, the bed is so big and there is a wall at the head of the bed. I will block the other side of the bed. As long as she doesn’t roll to the end of the bed, she won’t be able to fall to the ground.”

Hayden: “Then stop the end of the bed too!”


Hayden put his daughter on the bed, and the phone in his pocket rang. The call was from Avery.

“Hayden, are you coming back for dinner tonight?” Avery asked.

“Mom, I ate outside.”

“Oh. Didn’t Joanna come to our house today, but she left in a hurry at noon, and I don’t know if something happened to her.” Avery wanted his son to take the initiative to care.

“She’s fine.” Hayden replied simply, “I’ve seen her before, so don’t worry.”

“That’s good.” Avery asked curiously, “When did you two meet? Didn’t you say you were busy today?”

“Mom, give me some space.” Hayden was afraid that if his mother asked any more questions, he would not be able to help but tell about Gia.

“Hahaha, okay! I won’t ask any more! As long as nothing happens to Joanna.” Avery hung up the phone contentedly.

It was friday.

Hayden went home early to have dinner with his family.

“Mom, I want to take Dorian out to play tomorrow.” Hayden discussed with his mother, “The weather is much warmer now, and I see many children playing outside.”

Avery was very shocked: “Are you going to take Dorian out alone?”

Hayden nodded: “Well, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t you not like taking care of children? Why do you think of taking the child out to play alone? Can you take him out and take care of him?” Avery was worried.

“I will take the bodyguards out.” Hayden promised, “I will definitely take care of Dorian.”

Elliot felt that his son was very abnormal, so he guessed: “Did you get stimulated by something?”

Hayden: “No, I’m fine.”

Robert also felt very strange: “Brother, why don’t I go out with you to play with Dorian! We brothers haven’t gone out to play for a long time!”

Hayden: “No need. Go and play with your friends!”

Robert was hit hard.


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