Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3018 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3018 By verygoodnovel-Avery: “Okay! If you want to take your child out to play, then go ahead and do it! You should spend more time with Dorian and accompany him.”

Seeing that Hayden was so determined to take Dorian out to play, Avery thought his father’s love had awakened.

“Yes. Mom, you can go out with Dad tomorrow. It’s been a long time since you two lived together.” Hayden said thoughtfully.

When Hayden said these words, Avery immediately smiled: “You want to take care of the child just to let me live with your father?”

Elliot: “That’s right, Hayden. Then I’ll take your mother out to play tomorrow.”

Elliot thought that he and his wife hadn’t gone out to relax for a long time, and he also thought about the world of two people.

Although he was very happy to have a grandson, it was also necessary to relax occasionally.

“You can understand it that way.” Hayden didn’t want his mother to think too much. And he really wanted his parents to have a good rest.

“Where are you going to play tomorrow?” Avery asked his son’s plan, “There are too many people in the park. The doctor told me that children are prone to get sick when they go to places with many people. In this case, we can only choose less people with open spaces.”

Hayden: “Well, I will drive him out for a stroll tomorrow, and I won’t go to places with many people.”

After chatting with his family, Hayden sent a message to Joanna: [The negotiation has been made, and I will leave early tomorrow with Dorian to find you.]

Joanna replied immediately: [OK! Really been waiting! The siblings are finally meeting!]

Hayden didn’t reply again.

After waiting for a while, Joanna put down her phone and went to tell her mother the good news.

Mrs. Picard was also very excited: “Great! Joanna, we are so lucky! To meet such a good person as Hayden! Not only did he not rob our children, but he also let us live in such a good villa for free, hey! I am now I haven’t calmed down yet.”

Joanna sat beside her mother and comforted her: “Mom, are you thinking wildly again?”

“How can you stop thinking wildly? Are you calm inside?” Mrs. Picard looked at her daughter, “You have a bad name with him, but you live in his house. Have you ever thought that if he doesn’t have a wife now but has one in the future, he will be able to accommodate you? Even if he can’t move on the surface, what if he deals with you secretly? We are different from their rich people. We have no background and connections…”

“Mom, do you watch too many dramas?” Joanna couldn’t help laughing, “If Hayden really wants to find a wife, I should have enough money by then to buy a house. When I get a new house, you and Gia will move in with me, and I’m sure I won’t always live with him.”

“You still have to work hard. Don’t think about relying on others and go to heaven in one step. Relying on yourself is better than relying on anyone.” Mrs. Picard confessed.

“Of course I know this truth. So don’t think too much about it now, let everything take its course! Anyway, I think it’s good now. At least I don’t have to worry about being found by him, and I can finally go to work with peace of mind.” When Joanna said this, she stretched her waist, “It’s so comfortable to be rich! Living in such a big house and being served by someone, it’s like a fairy life.”

Mrs. Picard: “You have to earn money to buy a big house…That’s all right.”

“I know, I know! Mom, go to bed early… By the way, I want my Dad and younger brother to come and play on May Day, please tell them!” Joanna stood up, suddenly remembering this thing.

Mrs. Picard: “How can this work? Your father smokes, what if he stinks up his house!”

Joanna blushed in embarrassment: “Mom, do you dislike Dad so much? Just let him smoke in the yard when he smokes. If we live here for the next half a year, why don’t we keep them from coming? When I tell Hayden, Hayden won’t refuse.”

Mrs. Picard: “You’re getting thicker.”

Joanna: “What’s the matter! I will let my Dad and younger brother come here permanently.”

Mrs. Picard: “Okay! Let’s talk about it when we get used to it. May Day is still a while away! I haven’t been sleeping well for the past few days. It’s like a dream all day…”

Joanna smiled and said: “Mom, our good life has just begun!”

At night, Joanna suffered from insomnia.

Like her mother said, it all felt like a dream.

The more she got to know Hayden, the more Joanna liked him.


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