Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3020 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3020 By verygoodnovel-Hayden stared blankly.

Dorian was usually at home, it might be that his life was too comfortable, and everyone followed him, which made him unable to withstand any setbacks.

Even if this setback is just being robbed of snacks by his sister.

Mrs. Picard immediately took another bag of rice cakes and stuffed them into Dorian’s hands.

Dorian looked at the rice cake in his hand with tears in his eyes, and then stopped crying with a soft whimper.

“Little Gia, don’t grab your brother’s things anymore.” Joanna squatted beside her daughter and taught her, “Look, you made your brother cry just now.”

Gia stuffed the entire rice cake into her mouth while staring at the strange brother with her eyes.

“The packaging bag hasn’t been torn!” Joanna immediately took the rice cake out of her daughter’s mouth.

This was the baby rice cake that Joanna bought online for her daughter the day before yesterday. This rice cake had no smell, only a faint rice fragrance.

For adults, the taste of this rice cake was really not very good, but for babies, it was delicious.

When Gia saw the rice cakes now, she was very excited.

“In the future, bring Dorian to play with Gia. Otherwise, Dorian’s psychological endurance will be too bad.” Hayden frowned, worried about his son.

Joanna was not so worried: “Dorian is still small, and he has never seen Gia, so he may be a little cynical.”

“You have a good attitude, but it’s not good for Dorian. Usually my parents spoil him too much, making him a flower in the greenhouse. How can he be so weak?” Hayden finished speaking, and Mrs. Picard nodded in agreement.

Although Mrs. Picard agreed with what Hayden said, she couldn’t hide her liking for Dorian.

“Your parents raised Dorian so that he became fat and fat. They really know how to raise him. In the future, you will often bring Dorian to play. I like Dorian so much!” Mrs. Picard sat next to Dorian, staring at him as he ate rice cakes.

Gia ate the rice cakes in three or two bites, but Dorian was much more classy and delicate to eat.

Hayden could see that Mrs. Picard really liked Dorian’s white and fat appearance, so he could only think about his son’s good points as much as possible.

The advantage was to make the elders happy.

“Look at how white Dorian is! Is it because he hasn’t been exposed to the sun? I thought Gia was pretty, but now sitting with Dorian, it seems that our Gia is dark.” Mrs. Picard looked at the two children, couldn’t help laughing and joking.

“Mom, it’s not as exaggerated as you said! Gia is a little darker, but also has a very healthy complexion!” Joanna looked at the two children and could not see any problems.

“The main reason is that Dorian is too white! Hahaha! And he is not impatient, so interesting to watch!” Mrs. Picard boasted, “It must be that Hayden’s parents have a good personality, so they think highly of Dorian.”

Joanna looked at Hayden and asked, “You came so early, do you want to have some more breakfast?”

Hayden shook his head: “I’m full in the morning. Let me have some fruit!”

Joanna immediately asked: “Do you want to eat some fruit?” What fruit to eat? I’ll cut it.”

Hayden looked at the tea table.

He didn’t like to eat too sweet, but could accept sour ones.

At this time, Mrs. Picard said: “Joanna, you wash everything, and the children can eat if they wants to eat later.”

“Oh, alright.” Joanna immediately unscrewed a bag of fruit on the table to the kitchen for cleaning.

Hayden looked at Joanna’s back and asked Mrs. Picard, “Why don’t you let the nanny do this kind of thing?”

“The nanny is also exhausted. The nanny who puts the baby to sleep at night also puts her to sleep during the day, and she cooks meals for everyone three times a day. It is also very difficult work, and also helps with cleaning. It is difficult for one person to clean such a large house. We can do these minor tasks on our own.” Mrs. Picard said.


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