Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3022 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3022 By verygoodnovel-Hayden thought this method was good, so he handed the phone to Joanna.

Joanna quickly walked towards the backyard and picked up the video.

Seeing Joanna, Avery immediately laughed in surprise: “Joanna, are you with Hayden?”

Joanna blushed, and replied shyly: “Yeah. Hayden and Dorian are resting right now.”

Avery: “Oh…he did wake up very early this morning. But why is his mobile phone in your hand?”

The reason why Avery asked this was because Hayden was a person who valued privacy very much.

Could it be that his son and Joanna are together?

Joanna was quick to think again, “He put his phone on the coffee table. He probably was too sleepy and forgot to take it to his room. I saw your video calling, and I was afraid you would be worried, so I picked it up without authorization.” is the fastest update, please bookmark for reading.

“Oh, that’s it! Are you in the place where you are renting? The scenery seems to be pretty good!” Avery looked at the lush trees on Joanna’s side, and exclaimed, “I haven’t been to the place where you live yet! I’ll visit your place next time.”

Joanna didn’t expect Avery to be so enthusiastic, and suddenly she couldn’t stand it.

At this time, Hayden came over and took the phone from Joanna.

“Mom, where did you and dad go to play today?” Hayden rubbed his eyes as if he had just woken up.

Avery smiled and said: “We came out to climb the mountain. Look, we climbed to the top of the mountain! The scenery on the top of the mountain is very good! I suddenly wanted to see Dorian, so I made a video call. Who knew you were with Joanna? If I had known, I would have called Joanna directly, haha!”

Avery was teasing his son.

Avery: “Okay! Now that Joanna is here, I feel more at ease!”

Speaking of this, Avery hung up the video call.

Avery put the phone back in her pocket and looked at Elliot, said: “Where do you think Hayden is now?”

Elliot’s face was expressionless: “Joanna’s house. I heard everything.”

“Aren’t you shocked? He actually took the child to Joanna’s house! What does this mean? It means that the two of them are in a relationship!” Avery’s excited chest heaved rapidly, “Why is Hayden like this! He still has to be sneaky when he’s in love. If he just said that today is to bring and take Dorian to Joanna’s house, will the two of us object? We definitely won’t object! We will prepare a gift for him and bring it over, won’t you husband?”

Elliot: “Honey, are you thinking too much?”

Avery: “That’s not it! I understand my son! If he doesn’t like Joanna, why would he bring Dorian to Joanna’s house. He doesn’t like to go out, haven’t you seen that he stays at home on weekends?”

Elliot thought about it and felt it made sense, so he nodded, “Do you need us to do something?”

Following his wife’s words, Elliot thought of planning his son’s wedding.

Avery: “Let’s wait and see what happens! Let them get along well. If they can get along well, we can wait to buy wedding candy for them! This way Dorian will have a complete home!”

Elliot: “Could it be that my son is also willing to accept Joanna because he wants to give Dorian a complete family?”

After all, Joanna’s identity was a bit different from that of his son.

Avery: “Even if it’s like this, there’s nothing wrong with it! And my son is not someone who can’t take it easy. If he finds out that he and Joanna are not suitable in the end, he won’t marry Joanna. Let’s see how the two of them get along first!”

“Well. There’s a tea room over there, let’s go drink tea!” Elliot felt a little hot and wanted to rest for a while.

“Okay. I’ll think about what gift I will give Joanna if the two of them really talk at that time.” Avery thought that the two of them have a high possibility of success.


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