Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3023 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3023 By verygoodnovel-First of all, Hayden had good eyesight. In the past twenty years, Hayden didn’t fall in love with any woman, which showed that he was not a person who liked to play with his feelings. This kind of person, once identified with the other party, would basically not change his mind.

Secondly, Hayden had already taken the initiative to go to the woman’s house, so it is estimated that the two of them would not be far away from the public.


After talking to his mother, Hayden went to the front yard to look for the children.

Mrs. Picard spread a children’s crawling mat in the yard and let the two children play on it.

It’s okay to take a direct sunbath because the sun wasn’t very hot this season.

Seeing Hayden coming out, Mrs. Picard immediately explained: “Give the children some sun so they can take the calcium in. The pediatrician who examined Gia earlier advised taking the child outside more often so that the body will be healthier.”

Hayden nodded: “Why don’t you go to the house to rest for a while, and I’ll watch them.”

“Okay. I’ll cook.” Mrs. Picard planned to cook for Hayden herself.

After Mrs. Picard went in, Joanna came out with a fruit plate.

“Joanna, your mother said to cook, why do you want her to cook?” Hayden asked.

“My mother’s cooking is delicious. I told you before. If she wants to cook, let her do it!” Joanna said, sitting down on the cushion and feeding the two children with grapes.

Hayden looked at the two children who were waiting to be fed, and the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight, one person, one, mother is not partial.” Joanna coaxed the children patiently while feeding them.

She also picked out the seeds from the grapes, so there was no need to worry about the child choking.

“Would you like to try it? The grapes are sweet and sour, and taste very good.” Joanna turned to Hayden.

Hayden responded, took a piece of fruit and stuffed it into his mouth.

Sure enough, sweet and sour, delicious.

An enjoyable day was coming to an end.

In the evening, Hayden and Dorian ate dinner here before returning to Foster’s house.

About three hours later, Hayden received a call from Joanna.

“Hayden, my mother had a severe stomachache after eating at night, so I took her to the hospital for an examination. It turned out that appendicitis broke out, and the doctor said that an operation is needed. So I can’t go home. Tonight, I have to stay in the hospital to take care of mother.” Joanna hesitated for a while when she said this, and added, “I don’t have any relatives at home, so I am worried about Gia. “

Hayden had just finished taking a shower. Hearing what she said, he immediately walked to the closet, “I’m going to live there tonight. How is your mother?”

“I’m getting an infusion right now! The doctor recommends surgery as soon as possible. It is estimated that the surgery can be arranged tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.” Joanna replied, “So I have to say you to accompany Gia for a few days.”

“You send me a location, and I’ll go see your mother.” Hayden remembered that Mrs. Picard had prepared two sumptuous dinners for him after a busy day today, and was very grateful.

He didn’t expect Mrs. Picard to be hospitalized so suddenly.

“Oh, okay.” Joanna originally wanted to say, ‘Will it be too much trouble for you’, but she was alone with her mother in the hospital, feeling a little lonely and uneasy.

Because it was a minor operation, Mrs. Picard didn’t want to affect her husband’s work and her son’s study, so Mrs. Picard asked Joanna not to tell them.

After Joanna sent the location to Hayden, within half an hour, Hayden rushed over.

When Hayden came over, he frowned immediately when he saw that Mrs. Picard lived in a room of eight.


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