Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3029 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3029 By verygoodnovel-As soon as Avery left, Joanna immediately called Hayden.

Hayden was currently holding Gia in the park near the hospital to breathe.

Seeing the incoming call, he answered it immediately: “Is my mother gone?”

“Just left. How do you know your mother is here?” Joanna asked.

“I carried my daughter to the door of the ward an hour ago.” Hayden breathed a sigh of relief, “What is she doing here?”

“She came to see my mother. Your mother is so warm and polite! Tell me to bring your father to visit my mother tomorrow.” Joanna’s eyes were sore from being moved.

Because her mother didn’t let her tell her family, Joanna originally thought that she had to take care of her mother this time.

Unexpectedly, Hayden and his family took such good care of their mother and daughter.

“I’ll take my daughter there now.” Hayden said.

“Why don’t you bring your daughter here? This is a hospital after all, if my daughter gets sick.” Joanna thought about it, and said, “In our hometown, we don’t bring children to visit or Go to someone else’s funeral.”

Hayden had never heard of such a custom because he had always been very independent and Avery had never placed any restrictions on him.

However, what Joanna said made sense because children have weaker immune systems and visiting the hospital and becoming ill is not good for them.

“Then I’ll take my daughter home.” Hayden said.

“Well. If you feel bored, you can take the child to the nanny. If you have other things, you can go to your own.” Joanna was afraid that he would be too tired to take care of Gia, or feel bored.

Parenting was a tedious and exhausting task in itself.

The novelty at the beginning would wear off slowly.

“I don’t have anything to do this weekend. It’s a bit windy outside, and I’m afraid my daughter will catch cold.” Hayden carried Gia into the car and planned to go home, “I’ll send someone to bring you food at noon later.”

Joanna’s heart warmed up: “Thank you! Just give me a meal, my mother can’t eat today.”


After talking on the phone, Hayden received a call from his mother.

When Avery came out of the hospital, she thought that her son had a house nearby, so she wanted to drop by to have a look.

After Hayden heard his mother’s words, the calmness on his face no longer existed.

“Mom, let me tell you the truth!” Hayden took a deep breath and confessed, “I will live in that house for Joanna and her mother.”

Avery was startled, and quickly came back to her senses: “So that’s it! It’s good! Why are you two hiding it from me? Do you think I won’t agree? Is you mother that kind of person? I have no objection to giving the house to her!”

Hearing his mother’s excited tone, Hayden said calmly, “Mom, Joanna is a girl after all, she has a thin skin.”

“That’s right! But you can’t keep it from me? I will always know.” Avery still complained a little, “You and Joanna have both progressed as well rapidly recently! What are your thoughts? Why are you suddenly treating her so well? You didn’t praise her before, when you were so cold, but I didn’t pay attention to you for a few days, and now you two are a family?!”

Hayden was speechless.

“Yesterday I made a video call for you, and it was Joanna who picked it up. Was it in your villa at the time?” Avery continued to ask.

Hayden: “Mom, I need space with her.”

“When did I stop you from being with her? You need space with her, so you two should just live together! Would you like me to pack your luggage for you and send it to you?” Avery pushed the boat along, ” Also you don’t need to pack too many things, just bring two sets of clothes. Anyway, you should have everything in your villa.”

Hayden was speechless again.


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