Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3030 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3030 By verygoodnovel-Although Hayden was already in his twenties, he always felt naive when facing his mother.

Could this be blood suppression?

“Mom, don’t help me pack my luggage. I don’t need anything here.” Hayden took a deep breath and replied.

“Oh, that’s right, just let someone give you whatever you need.” Avery’s tone was a little more relaxed than before: “Hayden, mother told you to be serious; as long as Joanna is willing, then you can live with Joanna. Only when you get along day and night can you know whether two people are suitable. If you two get along well, you can take Dorian over. How wonderful it is for a family of three to live together!”

Hayden frowned slightly: “Mom, Don’t you like Dorian?”

“Of course not. But Dorian is the child of you and Joanna after all, and the three of you have formed a new family, so of course you have to take the child with you.” Avery said, “If we want Dorian, we can go to see him at any time! Or you can take Dorian home to see us when you are resting! It’s so close, it’s okay.”

Avery was naturally reluctant to separate with Dorian, but from Joanna’s point of view, she definitely didn’t want to live with them after marriage.

Which daughter-in-law would like to live with her in-laws?

There was no freedom and more restraint.

Hayden was in a complicated mood and didn’t know how to answer his mother’s words.

Although he decided to try to get along with Joanna. His heart felt a little empty when he thought of taking the child with him and living separately from his parents.

In fact, he lived alone in Bridgedale before, and he rarely felt lonely, and his mood would not be affected by it.

But after he returned to Aryadelle, he lived with his family all the time, probably because he was used to the hustle and bustle, so when he thought of moving out, he would have a psychological gap, and even doubted whether he could run a small family well.

“Mom, let’s talk about the future!” Hayden was not sure whether he and Joanna were compatible, “If I’m sure that I will be with her, I will let you know.”

“Yes. Let us know in advance! Me and your father can help you prepare for your wedding.” Avery breathed a sigh of relief, “Before when you were alone, you were always worried about your life-long events, but in the blink of an eye, your younger siblings haven’t graduated yet, and your children are all so old. Your efficiency is still very good. Mom is very satisfied.”

Hayden: “…”

In the blink of an eye, a week passed.

Today was the day Mrs. Picard was discharged from the hospital.

In the past few days, Joanna took care of her mother in the hospital, while Hayden took care of her daughter in the villa.

Ever since Hayden chatted with his mother last time and said that he needed space, Avery no longer asked him whether he would go home or not.

The days passed peacefully and easily.

He stayed with his daughter every day, and he didn’t think much about his son.

The main reason was to know that his son must be doing well with his parents watching over him.

After Joanna brought her mother home, she immediately hugged her daughter.

She hadn’t seen her daughter this week, and missed her very much.

“Baby, do you miss mom? Mom misses you so much! I dream of you every night.” Joanna walked around the living room with her daughter in her arms, “Mom also dreamed that you grew up! Dreamed that you would grow up! and You’re walking!”

Hayden asked Mrs. Picard, “How do you feel physically?”

Mrs. Picard smiled and replied, “It’s much better. You have worked hard this week. Taking care of the child every day has delayed your work, right?”

“No. I can work at home. It doesn’t affect anything.” Hayden discussed with Mrs. Picard, “I hired another nanny, mainly to help take care of the children. You’ve had a good rest recently; don’t be tired. And you can tell me what you need at any time.”

Mrs. Picard was flattered: “Hayden, you are good enough for our family, what else do we need! Take a step back, even if you can’t talk to Joanna in the future, I am also very grateful to you and your family. It is the luck of our whole family to meet you.”

“My company has a team building on May 1st, and I want to take Joanna with me when the time comes.” Hayden mainly wanted to discuss this with Mrs. Picard, “I want to spend more time with her.”

Mrs. Picard’s eyes lit up, and she nodded sharply: “Okay, okay! It’s okay! You can go and play, and the child will be at home. I will definitely take care of the child. You don’t worry about anything..”


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