Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3031 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3031 By verygoodnovel-“Alright.” Hayden hadn’t told Joanna yet.

But Joanna heard what Hayden said to Mrs. Picard just now.

“Where are you going for team building?” Joanna walked over with her daughter in her arms and asked, “Isn’t it good for me to go to your company’s team building?”

Before Hayden could answer, Mrs. Picard said, “What’s wrong? Isn’t group building just about going on a trip? Hayden doesn’t dislike you, so you just go with him!”

Joanna blushed when she was scolded by her mother.

The change in mom’s attitude was obvious.

Before this appendicitis operation, her mother would often remind her that Hayden was unattainable, so don’t dream about it all day long.

Now her mother’s attitude had undergone a 180-degree shocking reversal.

“Mom, I’m afraid that the people in their company will talk about him.” Joanna expressed her worries, “I’m fine, I’m just afraid that the employees under him will talk about him.”

Mrs. Picard continued: “Since Hayden took the initiative to take you to go there, it means that he has already thought about it. You just agree. Why do you have to be hypocritical?”

Joanna: “…”

Joanna was stunned for a moment, then turned to Hayden and said, “If you let me go, Then I’ll go.”

Hayden liked to get along so effortlessly.

“I’ll send you the detailed information later.” Hayden took his daughter from her arms, “Let’s go eat first!”


After eating, Mrs. Picard asked the two of them to rest.

Mrs. Picard had been resting in the hospital every day these days, so now she just wanted to stay with Gia.

“Hayden, why don’t you sleep in the master bedroom, and I’ll go to the guest room? Joanna was embarrassed to sleep in the master bedroom.

Hayden: “No. I’m going home to see my son tonight.”

“Okay. I miss Dorian too. I’ll go see him tomorrow.” Joanna also missed her son.

Hayden thought for a while, and said: “After this team building, if there is no accident between us, then tell my parents about Gia! I don’t want to hide like this anymore.”

Joanna nodded: “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

The more she got to know Hayden’s family, the more Joanna trusted them.

All previous doubts, now looked a little funny.

“Go to sleep!” Hayden saw that the dark circles on Joanna’s face were much heavier than before.

“Well, then I’ll go to sleep.” Joanna smiled at him, and then went back to the room.

Joanna was actually very sleepy, but after closing the door, Hayden suddenly remembered that Hayden was going to take him to participate in the team building.

She couldn’t embarrass Hayden!

Thinking of this, she immediately went to the closet, looking for some beautiful clothes to wear when the team was building.

But the clothes in the closet were very ordinary casual clothes, because usually besides going to work and taking care of the children at home, it was not suitable for wearing too fashionable clothes.

She put the clothes back into the closet one by one, then found her phone, and sent a message to Juliette, asking for help!


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