Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3033 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3033 By verygoodnovel-Mrs. Picard: “Hmm.”


Foster family.

Today Layla brought Eric over for dinner.

She specially called Hayden and called him back.

After everyone arrived, Layla began to announce: “I’m pregnant! Hahahaha! I’m finally pregnant! It’s been two months! I’ve been holding back so hard!”

Avery immediately asked her daughter with a smile: “When will you be pregnant? It was found out? Why did you say it now?”

Layla: “It was found out a week ago, but there was something wrong with it. I stayed in bed for a week, so that’s good. I’m afraid I told you before that you were worried.”

Avery: “It’s fine. But next time something like this happens, please tell me. Otherwise, you will be alone in fear, and I feel sorry for you.”

Layla: “Mom, I am actually very open-minded. Although I really want a child, but this kind of thing can’t happen by force. And I have Eric to accompany me, so I don’t feel so sad.”

Avery: “It’s good to have a good mentality. Pregnancy is to have a good mentality. Next, put your work aside and take good care of your body first. Waiting for three months will be safer!”

Layla: “I think so too. No matter what, I have to give birth to this child. Hehe! Mom, God still favors me.”

“Sister, congratulations!” Hazel was very happy, “Recently, our family is full of happy events! Big Brother and Sister Joanna are getting married soon, and sister, you are pregnant again. Do you have to hold a party to celebrate?”

“I have to go out on May 1st ” Hayden told his situation, “If you want to celebrate, don’t choose the May Day holiday.”

“Then wait until I’m three months pregnant! If the baby is healthy then, celebrate!” Layla said.

“Yes.” Everyone agreed unanimously.

“By the way, brother, what’s the situation with you and Joanna now? Just now, my younger sister said that you two are getting married, why didn’t you tell me?” Layla felt like she was kept in the dark.

Hazel immediately explained: “Sister, I actually don’t know what’s going on. I just overheard Mom and Dad talking.”

“Then, while everyone is here, brother, tell everyone about it!” Layla look at Hayden.

“I plan to get along on May 1st. If there is no problem, I will tell you again.” Hayden said calmly.

“Brother, are you too calm? You don’t look like a person in love at all.” Layla teased.

Avery spoke for his son: “Your brother has changed a bit. He likes children more now and knows how to care for others. If you want to see your brother undergo a radical change, I’m afraid it’s impossible.”

“But Brother, you don’t even care about me.” Layla complained.

“Don’t you have a husband?” Hayden retorted, “You look like a child who hasn’t grown up.”

Layla: “I see that after you fall in love, you will quarrel even more. Joanna shouldn’t quarrel with you, right? She is so gentle, everything will follow you.”

Hayden did not refute.

Joanna was indeed very good.

He liked such a docile and independent woman.

Even if Joanna disagreed with him, Joanna would not quarrel, but calmly put forward her opinion, even if he did not accept it in the end, Joanna would not be annoyed.

After dinner, Hayden received a message from Joanna.

Joanna sent him a photo that Gia playing with toys, and then asked him when he was free and if he wanted to go shopping together to buy clothes for the team building.

Hayden looked at her message and replied: “The company team has uniform clothes, what size do you wear, I’ll send someone to send it to you.”

Joanna: …


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