Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3035

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3035-“Give her a tent alone.” Hayden replied without thinking, “She is not an employee of our company, so it is not good to arrange it with other employees.”

“Yes, I think so too. In fact, I think we can arrange her to share a tent with you.” Harry boldly suggested, “After all, you took Ms. Picard, and everyone knows the relationship between the two of you. Besides, if you really want to know whether a person is suitable or not, harmony in that aspect is also a very important indicator.”

Hayden: “…”

He’s not ready to live with Joanna yet.

“Arrange a tent for her alone!” Hayden repeated what he had just said.

“Alright boss! I’ll make arrangements now!” Harry stopped probing, fearing that he would really anger the boss, or the bonus would come back, “Boss, you said before that you deducted my bonus, did you really deduct it or scare me?”

Hayden: “If you say one more word, it’s true.”

Harry immediately hung up the phone, not daring to delay for a second.

In the blink of an eye, it’s April 30th.

The team building time was two days and one night on April 30th and May 1st.

After Joanna packed her luggage early in the morning, she rushed to the gate of the Dream Maker Group building.

When Harry saw her, he immediately waved to her.

“Ms. Picard, you will take a car with my boss later.” Harry took her to the car where she was going to take later.

The employees all took buses, but Hayden’s car was an off-road vehicle.

“Did he say it?” Joanna asked.

“Yes. I’ve made a decision with him. It’s sunny outside, you should wait in the car first! He should be here soon.” Harry’s attitude towards Joanna was more polite.

After all, she was very likely to be the future boss’ wife.

After Joanna thanked Harry, she got on the off-road vehicle.

Twenty minutes later, Hayden was sent to the company by the driver.

He was wearing a pair of sunglasses, a white casual T-shirt and a pair of gray slacks. It’s obviously a team building uniform, but when he wore it, the grade was obviously several levels higher.

The driver carried his suitcase, followed him, and walked towards the off-road vehicle.

Joanna watched him coming through the car window, feeling a little deer in her heart.

After Hayden got into the car, he took off his sunglasses.

“Have your father and younger brother come?” Hayden asked.

“Well. They came here last night. Because they arrived a little late, I didn’t tell you.” Joanna said, taking out a box of chewing gum, “It’s a long journey, you can eat this later if you feel bored.”

Hayden responded lightly: “Leave it alone.”

Joanna: “Alright.”

Foster family.

Because of the May Day holiday, the children were all on vacation.

At this moment, except Hayden, the other three children were by Avery’s side.

When Layla came over, she brought a lot of delicious snacks and fruits. Avery felt that the house was about to run out of piles, so she thought of Joanna’s family who lived in Hayden’s new villa.

“Let’s send some food to Joanna’s family! I heard that Joanna’s family is here!” Avery said, and began to prepare gifts.


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