Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3036

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3036 -“Mom, do you feel that you are very warm to Joanna’s family?” Layla sat beside her, smiling as she watched her mother busy, “They are not your in-laws! You didn’t even say to send anything to my in-laws.”

Avery glanced at her daughter: “Will your parents-in-law care about this kind of food? The reason why I care more about Joanna’s family is because Joanna’s mother has just had an operation, and she needs to eat more good ones to Nourish her body. Besides, Joanna’s family background is not very good, I should take care of it more. Your in-laws are different, your in-laws are so rich, how can it be my turn to take care of them!”

Layla didn’t really blame her mother for being biased, she just teased her.

“At that time, if Joanna and brother are really married, I will ask Joanna to send you a pennant with the words ‘peerless mother-in-law’ on it!” Layla continued to tease her mother, “You are still a peerless in-law!”

“Okay! I like whatever Joanna gives me.” Avery took aside the things that she was going to bring to Joanna’s parents, and then looked at Robert, “Robert, you and the driver will send the things there together.”

Robert scratched his head: “Alright! But Mom, would you like to call them? I’m afraid I’ll go over rashly and scare others.”

“I don’t have Joanna’s mother’s phone number.” Avery went to the hospital to visit Mrs. Picard last time, mainly to visit a doctor, so she forgot to ask Mrs. Picard for her contact information, “Joanna is probably on the road right now, so I won’t bother her. You send the things directly, just say that it is our heart.”

Robert nodded.

“If someone keeps you for dinner, you can come back after dinner.” Avery was afraid that her son would reject others and hurt others’ hearts.

The last time she chatted with Mrs. Picard, Avery could feel that Mrs. Picard was a very simple and kind person.

Avery was especially able to sympathize with others.

If Mrs. Picard invites Robert to dinner and Robert refuses to eat, Mrs. Picard may feel that Robert despises them.

Robert: “Got it! Mom, what else do you want to explain?”

Avery couldn’t think of anything else for the time being.

“You are so smart and sensible, your mother is very relieved of you.” Avery patted her son on the shoulder and added, “If Joanna’s mother asks me why I didn’t go, just say that I want to entertain your sister. Wait for Joanna to come back, let’s find another chance to have dinner together.”

“Okay mom.” Robert and the bodyguard took out the gift Avery had prepared.

Avery watched them go out.

About twenty minutes later, Robert came to his brother’s villa in the city center.

In the villa.

Mr. Picard hugged Gia, walked up and down the living room, and talked to Gia at the same time.

“Gia, your mother was as cute as you when she was a child. Don’t look at your mother who is thin now, but your mother was a little fatter than you when she was a child!”

“But you are much happier than your mother. Where did your mother live in such a nice house when she was a child! We didn’t have the money to buy toys for your mother before, and the cats at home were your mother’s toys. “


Mr. Picard was chattering, beside him, Mrs. Picard was sitting on a small bench, with a smile on her face, handling the dishes.

Mrs. Picard made her own decisions and gave the family’s nanny a vacation.

The main reason was that Mr. Picard was not used to this kind of life.

It felt like there were strangers at home, and it was inconvenient to talk and do things.

Finn was playing with Gia’s new toy.

During the week when Mrs. Picard was hospitalized, Hayden bought countless toys and clothes for Gia.

Some toys were not for children of Gia’s age at all. That’s why Finn could play with gusto.

Finn was so envious of his little niece that he was about to cry.


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