Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3037 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3037 By verygoodnovel-If Hayden didn’t come to this house in the future, Finn could take the little niece’s toys as his own.

When the Foster family’s car drove to the gate of the courtyard, the bodyguard on duty saw Robert coming, and immediately opened the gate to let the car drive in.

In the villa, Finn saw the movement in the yard and immediately went out to check the situation.

“Mom, someone is here!” Finn recognized Robert, “It’s from the Foster family!”

When Mrs. Picard heard her son’s words, she immediately put down the vegetables in her hand and glanced into the yard.

Sure enough, it was people from the Foster family who came!

Mrs. Picard was so frightened that she immediately asked her husband to go upstairs to escape with Gia in his arms.

Mr. Picard hurried upstairs with Gia in his arms.

“Go slowly! Don’t fall! It’s okay if you fall, don’t fall my little Gia.” Mrs. Picard said hastily.

“Okay, you can entertain the guests! Leave me alone.” Mr. Picard hurried upstairs with Gia in his arms.

Robert and the bodyguards carried gifts and walked towards the door of the villa.

Mrs. Picard greeted Robert immediately with her son.

“Are you Robert? Why are you here? You brought so many gifts… Your mother didn’t tell me!” The smile on Mrs. Picard’s face was a little stiff.

But Robert didn’t see it.

“My mother heard that Uncle and Finn are coming, so she asked me to bring some gifts. Because my sister is at our house today, my mother can’t get away.” Robert said politely.

“Hey, your mother is so polite! I don’t even know how to thank her.” Mrs. Picard said, went to find a water glass and poured water for Robert.

“Why are there so many toys at home?” Robert asked Finn when he saw that the sofa was full of colorful toys.

“Brother Hayden bought them all.” Finn didn’t dare to say more.

“Oh… I remembered, my brother brought Dorian to play here before.” Robert felt that his brother was a bit outrageous, “He only brought Dorian to play for a day, and he gave Dorian so many toys? I didn’t realize that he dotes on Dorian so much before! How come there are still dolls?!”

Mrs. Picard didn’t dare to answer.

Finn didn’t even dare.

“Auntie, didn’t you say that uncle is here too? Where is uncle?” Robert glanced at the living room, but he didn’t see Mr. Picard, so he asked.

“Uh…he’s upstairs, maybe he’s sleeping.” Mrs. Picard came over with a glass of water and handed it to Robert, “He’s here and lives in such a big house, so he’s a bit insomniac, so he’s sleep right now!”

Robert took the water glass, found an empty seat on the sofa and sat down: “Auntie, are you still used to living here?”

“I’m used to it! I’m very used to it! Our family is honored by your family, thank you so much! When Joanna comes back next time, we have to find a chance to treat your family to dinner.” Mrs. Picard said politely.

“Well, that’s what my mother said. When my brother and Joanna come back, if there are no accidents, the two families will have a meal together and get to know each other.” Robert finished drinking the water and put the water glass on the coffee table.

Mrs. Picard immediately came over with the kettle to add water to Robert.

“Auntie, are you ready to cook?” Robert asked casually when he saw the vegetable basket and vegetables on the floor of the living room.

Because his mother had told him that if Mrs. Picard would keep him for dinner, he had to agree, so he was ready to stay for dinner.

“It’s not time to cook yet. I’ll take care of it casually.” Mrs. Picard said, and hurriedly took the dishes to the kitchen and put them away. Then she came out, pretending to send Robert off, “Robert, here we have simple food, so Auntie won’t keep you for dinner! You go back and tell your mother, thank you very much for the gift!”

“Okay, auntie. You don’t need to send it away.” Robert froze for a moment, ready to leave.

At this time, there was a loud cry of a baby upstairs!


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