Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3039 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3039 By verygoodnovel-Juliette: [Where is the person? Why don’t you secretly take some pictures for me to see!]

Hayden frowned after reading Juliette’s messages, feeling mixed emotions.

Juliette was Joanna’s good friend, and it’s normal for the two of them to talk about these topics in private.

Just thinking of Juliette asking Joanna to take him down, Hayden felt a little embarrassed and funny.

He turned on the camera, took a photo of Joanna’s sleeping face, and sent it to Juliette.

After Juliette saw the photo, she immediately sent out a series of question marks.

Juliette: [What’s going on? Joanna fell asleep? Who sent me the photo? ah?!]

Hayden didn’t want to type, so he turned on the camera, took a photo of his face and sent it.

After Juliette saw Hayden’s selfie, he fell into silent panic!

Lying in a trough!

Why did Hayden take Joanna’s phone?!

Did Joanna give Hayden the phone to play with?

The relationship between the two of them had grown to the point where they could look at each other’s phones?

After Juliette drank a glass of cold water, she quickly moved her fingers on the screen of the phone.

Juliette: [Mr. Tate! You and our Joanna… are you getting along well? Hey, I hope you take good care of her! She is in love for the first time! no experience!]

Hayden: [I also have no experience.]

Juliette: [Wow! You are also the first time? So exciting! It doesn’t matter, I’ll teach you! You just have to follow your inner feelings and let go of your passion! Our Joanna is gentle and cute, the important thing is, she likes you very much! As long as you take the initiative, you can spark love tonight! hey-hey!]

Hayden was speechless.

Hayden felt that the phone was a little hot, so he put the phone back in place.

After nearly three hours of driving, the car finally arrived at the restaurant that had been booked in advance.

Today’s itinerary was to eat at the hotel at noon. After the meal, have a group game in the afternoon, and after dinner, they went to the campsite to camp.

They chose a place to camp near the sea, where they could watch a beautiful sunrise the next morning.

Hayden patted Joanna’s shoulder, and Joanna woke up immediately.

After waking up, she saw herself lying on Hayden’s shoulder, immediately blushed, and said blushingly, “I’m sorry, I’m so sleepy…”

She wiped the corner of her mouth as she spoke.

Fortunately, no drooling.

Otherwise the image would be gone.

“You didn’t sleep last night?” Hayden admired her for sleeping in the car for more than two hours.

“Slept, but I didn’t sleep enough.” Joanna said, looking out the window, “Are you there yet?”

“Well, let’s go have lunch!” Hayden got out of the car, and Joanna followed him with a backpack, “The bag is heavy, right? It can be put in the car.”

Joanna: “It’s not heavy. “

She brought a suitcase and this backpack when she went out this time.

There were some daily necessities in the bag, as well as some small snacks.

Walking to the hotel, someone called her name from a distance.


It was Ellis’s voice.

When Joanna heard Ellis’s voice, she immediately looked towards the source of the sound.

After a while, Ellis ran up to her.

Ever since Ellis knew that Joanna and Hayden had an unusual relationship, Ellis never sought out Joanna alone.

Ellis did not expect that Joanna would also come to this team building.

“Joanna, are you with our boss?” Ellis asked this important question as soon as he walked over.


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