Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3040 By verygoodnovel

Novel When His Eyes Opened Chapter 3040 By verygoodnovel-People around, when they heard this, all their eyes fell on Joanna’s face.

Before Ellis asked this question, everyone didn’t pay special attention to Joanna.

Because Joanna was wearing the company’s team building uniform like them.

So, if they saw her clothes, they would think she works for the company.

Before seeing Joanna’s face clearly, everyone guessed that she might be Hayden’s secretary!

Hayden had always been a relatively mysterious existence in the company.

He rarely appeared in front of ordinary employees below, so no one knew who was around him.

But now that they saw Joanna’s face clearly and recognized her as the owner of Ju-Ji Dessert, the meaning suddenly changed!

Unexpectedly, the boss would invite the owner of the dessert shop to join the team building!

Joanna blushed from everyone’s gaze.

She was afraid of Hayden’s embarrassment, so she immediately answered Ellis: “No. I know that you have a team building and want to come to see the world together, so I begged Hayden to take me to see.”

Joanna’s voice settled, Hayden opened his mouth and corrected her, saying: “I invited her to come with me.”

There was a burst of ‘wow’ exclamation all around!

The boss who was not close to women suddenly invited the boss of the dessert shop to join the group building. This must not be an ordinary friendship, right?

Ellis nodded in satisfaction when he got the answer.

Then he asked a brain-twitching question: “Joanna, do you want to have dinner with us later? We haven’t talked for a long time!”

Joanna was in a dilemma!

Without Hayden, Joanna would definitely agree to this request.

But without Hayden, it would be impossible for her to appear in their company’s team building activities!

Joanna wanted to know what Hayden meant, so she looked at Hayden.

“The staff for the meal has been arranged long ago. She is at my table.” After Hayden said this to Ellis, he lowered his head and looked at Joanna, “Go in.”

Joanna waved to Ellis, then trotted to follow On Hayden.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

“The boss must be in love with Ms. Picard! Didn’t you realize that the way Ms. Picard looked at the boss just now is so sweet!” A female employee exclaimed.

“Why didn’t I see it?” Ellis got goosebumps from the nausea.

“Ellis, I knew you wanted to chase Joanna before, because you are fellow villagers. I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it to be cut off by the boss!” A male colleague patted Ellis on the shoulder.

“You’re wrong,” Ellis said neither humble nor overbearing, “Joanna and the boss met first. The two of them have known each other for a long time. That’s it!”

The female employee: “How did they know each other? Didn’t our boss return to Aryadelle this year for development?”

Ellis shrugged: “I don’t know about that.”

“Ellis, sorry! Even if Ms. Picard finally broke up with the boss, Ms. Picard will not be with you. Because Ms. Picard’s vision has been raised by our boss, she will definitely not marry an ordinary employee in the future.” Another female colleague comforted Ellis.

“I’m pitiful enough, so don’t pity me.” After Ellis finished speaking, he walked into the hotel.

The Dream Maker Group booked a total of three banquet halls for dinner.

Joanna sat at a table with Hayden and the company executives.

Everyone knew in advance that Joanna would participate in the team building together, and also knew that Joanna had given birth to Hayden’s child, so they were very polite to Joanna.

“Ms. Picard, don’t be restrained. If the food you want is not in front of you, you can switch tables. We are all on our own, so you can eat as if you were at home.” The vice president said with a smile.

Joanna nodded with a smile.

Because the dishes were all ordered in advance, the waiters would start serving the dishes after they were seated.

After all the dishes were served, Joanna began to identify which dishes Hayden could eat and which Hayden could not.

Last night, Avery sent her a message and chatted for a while.


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